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Teaching Seminar at Japan, July 2009

Dr. Prasanta Banerji and Dr. Pratip Banerji attended a three day teaching seminar from 18th -20th July, 2009, at Japan on the invitation of Dr. Torako Yui, the President of the Japanese Homoeopathic Medical Association and the Principal of the Japan Royal Academy of Homoeopathy. The subject of discussion was Banerji Protocol and the changes in homeopathy practice.

Dr. Pratip Banerji and Dr. Prasanta Bnerji with Dr. Torako Yui

Dr. Pratip Banerji and Dr. Prasanta Bnerji with Dr. Torako Yui

The seminar was conducted at Tokyo, while approximately nine hundred students  participated with much enthusiasm in the online seminar simultaneously from seven different cities.

Students attending the seminar at Tokyo

Students attending the seminar at Tokyo

Students attending the seminar at Fukuoka

Students attending the seminar at Fukuoka

Dr. Yui and her students have a plan to visit Kolkata soon to gain first hand experience of the Foundation's clinic and treatment systems.

View more images of the teaching seminar here.


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The case series submitted to the NCI Best Case Series (BCS) Program by PBHRF, was highlighted at the Society for Integrative Oncology ninth international conference.

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