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FAQ- Brain Tumor

Does the Ruta treatment work for both, low-grade & advanced stage tumors ?

Yes it works for all types of brain tumors & cancers and also for related spinal problems.

Would the Ruta treatment also help remove the ‘dead mass’ of cells accumulated when the tumor is regressing?


Should a ‘new’ tumor grows despite the Ruta treatment, should one continue with it or make changes?

Alterations may have to be made in the treatment regimen.

What is the difference between Ruta 6 & Ruta Graveolens 6?

No difference, it’s the same.

Have you done any studies/know of any successes with Ruta treatment in children with different types of brain tumors?


Is the dosage level of Ruta treatment the same for recurrence of tumors/cancers?

The dosage may vary according to condition of the patient.

Should the Ruta treatment/other cancer medication be taken when there is no tumor activity/slow or gradual formation or should one wait for recurrence?

We advice the treatment to be continued as long there is tumor presence in the body.

What is Citrus Vulgaris &Phi for?

It is also a medicine for brain tumor/cancer and is sometimes added to the Ruta treatment, in certain cases.

Is it true that the Ruta treatment acts as a nutrition?


Is the Ruta treatment effective for large-sized tumours (about 16 cm)?


What does Calcarea Phosphorica 3X do in the Ruta treatment ?

It also acts as a tonic.

If Ruta Graveolens grows in one’s garden, how can it be used to treat someone? How much & how calcium phosphate should be added to it to make the Ruta treatment work?

Homeopathic medicines are prepared specific ways usually with alcohol. You cannot consume plants/ mix it with other raw ingredients to make up the remedy.

Is there copper in Cuprum Metallicum (given for seizures,) as that might not be good for brain tumours/cancers?

Yes but no bad effect because of ultra molecular doses

Is there a way to lower the copper level to help counter cancer?


Have you done any studies/know of any successes with Ruta treatment in children with different types of brain tumours?


Is the dosage level of Ruta treatment the same for recurrence of tumours/cancers?

Yes same dilution & dose.

Should the Ruta treatment/other cancer medication be taken when there is no tumour activity/slow or gradual formation or should one wait for recurrence?

To continue till total cure.

Is the Ruta treatment recommended for all kinds of brain tumours/cancers (like GBM, astrocytoma etc.) irrespective of location, grade and form? If yes, are dosages & length of time for it to be given the same for the different kinds ?

Yes but for certain kinds there may be variations. (For e.g. Sanguinarea Can 200C is added for olfactory neuroblastoma with nasal blockage).

Where else is the Ruta treatment followed?

Started by us.

How did you develop the Ruta treatment/ treatment for cancers?

I discovered it during my clinical practice of more than 50 years, you won’t get these remedies in homeopathy books.

For how long have you been using the Ruta treatment?

For more than 30 years.

Has the Ruta treatment been clinically proven?


Does the Ruta treatment show regression/ shrinkage/calcification of brain tumour for some time only or does it kill the tumour?

Yes, it completely cures.

If patients have adverse reactions like nose bleeding after taking the Ruta treatment, is there any correlation ?


Does the Ruta treatment improve cardiovascular problems?


What are the chances of recovery by the Ruta treatment?

Very good.

When inoperable (maybe due to location) or traces left after surgery/operations, can Ruta treatment alone help?


With the Ruta treatment how long does the tumour regression/shrinkage last ?

Cannot Say.

Are there any contra indicators to taking the Ruta treatment?


Some believe that some herbal remedies have blood thinning effect, does Ruta 6 have the same?


Is it necessary to consider constitutional treatment or any organ support treatment or is the Ruta treatment sufficient?


If the Ruta treatment does not work do you know of any alternative remedy?

You may have to stop one /both parts of the treatment for a few days. Try Citrus Vulgaris θ for . Symphytum 200C helps in brain stem glioma after Ruta treatment and also in releasing compression in spinal tumours. Medicines can be adjusted.

Is Ruta treatment the remedy for swelling of brain during tumours/cancers and also for other symptoms such as edema, headache, paralysis, eye problems, light sensitivity, speech and memory loss, pains, disorientation, bleeding, nausea, haematoma.?

Yes it does look after other symptoms as well but specific medicines are also given sometimes to complement it.

Is it possible to treat with Ruta treatment brain cancers at a very advanced(terminal) stage or when it is spreading to other parts (metastasising)?

Once advised a patient to have it when doctors said only 2/3 days left to live.

end of FAQ


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