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This is the official website of the PRASANTA BANERJI HOMEOPATHIC RESEARCH FOUNDATION (PBHRF).We do not have any other branch or web presence and have no professional relation with any other P Banerji website or organization.

Dr. Pratip Banerji and Dr. Prasanta Banerji
With Dr. John Mendelsohn, chief of the UT MDACC
With Dr. Sen Pathak & Dr. Subrata Sen at UT MDACC
With Dr. Wayne Jones, former Director of the Office of the Alternative Medicines of the NIH, USA
With Dr. Donald Campbell at St. Luke’s Hospital, Kansas
With Dr. Isis S. Mikhail in Office of the Cancer Complimentary and Alternative Medicines, at NCI, USA
With Dr. Jeffery D. White (right) in Office of the Cancer Complimentary and Alternative Medicines, at NCI, USA
City of Hope Hospital with Dr. Chen and Dr. Barbara Sarter
With Dr. Kurzrock and Dr. Siqing Fu at MDACC, USA
Teaching seminar by us at Tokyo, Japan
With Dr. Torako Yui, in Japan
With Dr. Harrison Schmitt, Scientist and Astronaut, NASA
Dr. Jeffrey D. White met cancer patients at the PBHRF clinic in Kolkata
Dr. Elena R. Ladas and Dr. Kara M. Kelly from Columbia University met Brain Tumor patients at PBHRF clinic in Kolkata
Dr. Barbara Sarter and Dr Prasanta Banerji at the PBHRF clinic with patients
Team from Boiron visited at PBHRF clinic in Kolkata
Teaching Seminar at Netherlands, 2012
Teaching Seminar at Germany, 2012
Dr. Pratip Banerji and Dr. Prasanta Banerji

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The Prasanta Banerji Homeopathic Research Foundation (PBHRF) was set up in 1993 with the aim to include Homeopathy as a scientific and effective mode of Alternative Medicine.This Foundation offers comprehensive health care as well as scientific establishment to bring Homeopathy to its rightful position as the medicine of the masses.

In the research foundation the main research activity consists of data recording of the treatment of all cases of various types of cancer and other life threatening diseases such as renal failures, multiple sclerosis etc. treated at the clinics of the research foundation using The Banerji Protocols of treatment utilizing homeopathic medicines. At present our patient database has more than 20,000 cases inputted with over a half a million visits recorded. This data is the epicenter of the PBHRF and makes us attractive for research to premiere institutions throughout the world. This is an ongoing research initiative that has been on since 2002.

The research foundation also finances pathological tests for the aid of underprivileged patients, and also for the sake of accuracy in their treatment.

Gall Stones and Homeopathy




When the gall bladder is surgically removed, the “gall bladder bile” (bile in which most of the inorganic anions, chlorides and bicarbonates have been reabsorbed) is lost and digestion becomes weak resulting in discomfort after eating fatty and fried foods. The solubility of cholesterol in bile depends upon the concentration of cholesterol, bile salts and lecithin. The most important mechanism in the formation of stones is increased biliary secretion of cholesterol. This may occur due to many reasons that cannot be pinpointed. If by oral homeopathic medication, the secretion of cholesterol is regulated and the density of bile is made normal then the stones melt. In some cases even if the disease is cured, i.e. the bile is made normal, the stones do not melt. By homeopathic medicines, the stones can be made to become silent and fixed in one place. The patients become symptom-free, for the rest of their lives.



In many cases the stones do melt, which can be proved by ultrasonographs. Surgery as a treatment option for gallstones is only indicated if the stones do not melt or do not become silent.



All cases of gallstones are not required to be operated upon. Homeopathy has specific medicines for the treatment of pathological gall bladder. They should first be treated with homeopathic medicines. Those cases that do not respond to the oral homeopathic treatment or get complications are to be treated surgically.



Patients sometimes fear that the presence of stones in the gall bladder for a long time may cause cancer. This idea is totally a misconception. Today, it is universally accepted amongst the medical community that silent gallstones, need not be treated. The latest medical books (1. CMDT, 2000 Edn., Appleton & Lange, USA.; 2. Clinical Medicine – Kumar & Clarke, 4th Edn. London) carry this information and your attending doctor should be aware of this.

Some homeopathic medicines that we use for the effective treatment of gallstones are as follows: Carduus Marianus θ, Chelidonium Majus 6X, Lycopodium Clavatum 200, etc.


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