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1. I am a woman (35) suffering from cough for the three months. The problem seems to aggravate in my office.
Ans- Cough in the office can have many causes such as – an allergy to carpets, exposure to the air-conditioning, stuffy atmosphere, etc. You have not specified any of the above. Cough for 3 months continuously also may require proper investigations such as a routine blood test to check for Eosinophilia or a high ESR and a straight X-Ray of the chest. Please take Hepar Sulph 200 twice daily for 2 weeks. If there is no relief please consult a doctor regarding investigations.
2. I am 36.I have been suffering from ulcerative colitis for the past four years. My house physician prescribed a few medicines which didn't help at all. What shall I do?
Ans- If you have been suffering from Ulcerative Colitis for 4 years, your house physician is hardly likely to take it so casually as to “prescribe a few medicines ….”! There is a definite well tested maintenance therapy for your problem in allopathy which includes drugs such as Salazopyrine and Mesacol etc. If you are on this drug we will need to continue them and tapered them off slowly. For a start, please take Carbolic Acid 6X in liquid form, 2 drops a dose, four times a day. Please consult a local Homeopath, as this disease requires proper monitoring.
3. I am 55 and have Cirrhosis of the liver. Last month I vomitted a few drops of blood. I have also been passing black stool. Please advise.
Ans- Cirrhosis of the liver is definitely not a disease to be treated casually on a newspaper column!! This is a serious condition and requires proper consultation and a good Homeopath on your locality. Bleeding in cirrhosis of liver can result from ruptured esophageal varices or hemorrhoids. In your case the bleeding is from the upper part of the GI tract, my bet would be that is from esophageal varices. You may temporarily take Ferrum Phos 3X and Arsenicum Album 3 – one dose every three hours alternately during the bleeds but please do not treat the matter lightly and get proper medical attention!

4 .I am a 45-yr-old man. Last yaer an endoscopy of my food pipe revealed an erosion in the lower stomach. Following a doctor's advise I took some alopathic drugs. I still have a burning sensation in the food pipe. What's wrong? Please advise.
Ans- Gastric erosions are very well treated by Homeopathy. Please improve meal times ie. take regular meals and take normal diet with spice and chillies and no the bland boiled diet that doctors often advise. To repair the erosions and improve the burning sensation in your food pipe please take -  Arsenicum Album 3, twice daily and Lycopodium Clavat 200, every alternate morning. Arsenic Album 3 may be repeated incase there is burning as an SOS medicine too. Please take for 3 months for complete recovery.
5. I am a 30-yr-old man. In the last six months, I have lost three kilos. I have also lost appetite. No medicine has worked. Can you suggest a way out?
Ans-  Loss of weight can be due to many factors and you have not been very detailed about what the possible cause can be. For a start, you should consult your local doctor who will probably suggest some investigation to determine the cause of your weight loss and loss of appetite. Just off hand, you may take Chelidonium Majus 6x, twice daily which will help with improving your appetite thus stem your weight loss. Though this will help, knowing the cause will help more to cure you in the long run.

6. I am 64, suffering from varicose veins and ulcers since 1980. It was operated in  May 1992. Steroid cream had no tangible effect. It cured for the time being, please advise me.
Ans- Varicose veins and resultant avascular ulcers that result from it are a very difficult problem to handle with any school of medicine. The ulcers resulting from a lack of circulation in the tissues are often very painful and have a crippling effect on the unfortunate patient. People who have standing jobs – such as teachers or homemakers (standing and cooking) are at risk from this condition. Conventional medicine has hardly any effect on these cases and surgery is usually recommended, which is often of little use. Homeopathically, depending on the severity of the case, we prescribe the following, which will be of benefit to you – Hamamelis Verginica 200 + Arnica Montana 3 taken together twice daily, Hypericum 200 + Arsenicum Album 200 taken together twice daily. Please try for three months and see.
7.  I suffered cerebral attack in 2003 and is now recuperating. My left side was Affected. Now I have recovered a little bit. Is there any homeo medicine you can suggest which can help me totally recover me from left side?
Ans-  Cerebral attacks or Cerebro – Vascular Accidents (CVA) are usually a result of either a hemorrhage, embolism of infarction in the arteries of the brain. An accident in the left brain usually causes a paresis in the right side of the body and vice versa. Maximum improvement usually takes place within a month of the episode and all improvement usually stops within a year. The residual paresis usually persists and no further recovery takes place after that. Homeopathically, we have treated many cases of this condition after the one year period with varying degrees of further recovery. Please try the following – Rhus Tox 30 + Arnica Montana 3 taken together twice daily, Lachesis 200 every alternate morning for a period of three months and report to your local homeopath.

8. I am a 38-year-old woman. I don’t have severe dandruff, but I am still turning  Bald. What could be the problem? Please suggest me some remedy.
Ans- Causes of baldness are many and most often it has nothing to do with dandruff. Baldness mostly is caused by a disturbance in the hormonal patterns of the body. Different patterns of baldness result from disbalance in different hormones and addressing the imbalance can often help the problem. Homeopathically, we have some good medicines for hair loss – please try Ustilago 200 once daily and Sepia 200 twice a week.
9. I am a 60-year-old man. After drinking water, I feel such a strong urge to urinate That I cannot hold the bladder. X-ray of the abdomen revealed nothing. My doctor says the prostrate gland is fine, but there is a problem in the urinary tube. Is there any homeo remedy?
Ans- Urge incontinence of urine can happen due to a myriad of reasons but are more common due to a weakness / dysfunction in the sphincter (valve) of the urinary bladder. This causes the valve to “give way” as soon as the bladder fills to a certain level. Other reasons for the incontinence of urine include an irritability of the bladder wall muscles. Anyway please try the following. Medorrhinum 200 alternate morning, Cantharis 200 twice daily and observe.
10. My father 56 has been suffering from a persistent low-back pain for the last two Months. X-rays and ultra-sonogram have revealed no anomaly. But no medicine has been effective. My father has no other health problem. Could you suggest a remedy?
Ans- Diagnosis of the cause of low back pains are often elusive and due to this their treatment by allopathic medicines is usually done in a general way by the use of painkillers etc. Homeopathically, we have good medicines to help and the following will surely benefit him. Please give - Symphytum 200 twice daily, Hypericum 200 twice daily and Arnica Montana 1000 ( 2 drops in water) once in a week for month and see.

11. My husband 48 is extremely suspicious that I am having affairs with other men. I have tried hard to allay his fear but nothing has worked. My psychiatrist says,he could be suffering from either schizophrenia or a condition known as delusional disorder. Is there any homeo remedy.

Ans- Suspiciousness without any reason can be a sign of a delusional disorder or at a more superficial level, be just a sign of insecurity in a relationship. Be more transparent to your husband when interacting with other men and always reassure him of your love and commitment to him. Homeopathic medicines can help him to counter the insecurities and carefully weigh the situation in his mind. Please give him Hyoscyamus Niger 6 twice
daily and Stramonium 1X (5 drops) once daily for 2 months and observe the change in him.

12. I am a 50-year-old advocate.All of a sudden my voice has gone hoarse.I am a smoker for the past two decades. A physician has suggested investigations related to the throat. Is my problem a complicated one.Please suggest a remedy.

Ans- Professionals who need to use their voice in a loud way - such as teachers, public speakers and lawyers - such as yourself, are usually at risk from developing a hoarseness in the voice. This can come from either a chronic laryngitis or a development of vocal cord nodules. The usual treatment for these nodules is surgery but in homeopathy, we have some excellent medicines to cure this condition. Please take Hepar Sulph 200 twice daily, Causticum 200 every alternate morning for two months & observe. A reduction in your smoking will definitely speed up recovery.

13. I am a 29-year-old housewife suffering from itching and rashes on the scalp, face,neck and skin folds. The rashes are there ever since I shifted to a new house. Is it due to the water in the new locality.PLease suggest me some homeo medicine.

Ans- The causes for itching specially the type you described can be many. From the sultry weather that we are having now, there are many cases of various types of skin eruptions all around. Rashes on the scalp, face, neck
etc. are usually either of allergic or fungal origin. Please take- Antimonium Crudum 6 twice daily, Arsenicum album 200 once daily + SOS for itching and report after a month to your local homeopath.

14. I ama 15-year-old student. I have a swelling inside my nasal cavity which cause obstruction in breathing. I also suffer from recurrent attacks of common cold and allergy throughout the year. Will you suggest a remedy?

Ans- The swelling in your nose can mean one of a number of things, the most common thing being an enlarged turbinate. Colds & Rhinitis – i.e. inflammation of the nasal passage – resulting in typical symptoms of watery nose, sneezing etc. are greatly benefited by taking  - Calcarea Carbonicum 1000, once in a week in the morning and Arsenic Album 6, twice daily. Please take for two months and observe a relief.

15  .My 78-year-old father has alzheimer's disease.I am 47,but I am worried that I may inherit the ailment.Is there any way I can prevent it with help of homeo medicine?

Ans- Your father suffering from Alzheimer’s disease does not necessarily mean that you will also suffer this in your letter life. Alzheimer’s disease or Presenile Dementia is a very difficult disease to treat with any system of medicine. This a condition which cannot be predicted in advanced. Some medicines given during the course of the disease often slow it down and there are cases where the condition has been arrested and there is improvement in the functioning of the mind. Please give Helleborus Niger 1000 once in a month in the morning for six months – this will have a beneficial effect on the Neural pathways in the Brain and this will act as a deterrent to the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.
16. Iam a 40-year-old housewife.I have been suffering from diabetes for 10 years.For the past couple of months,I am having a black swelling inside the nose; it's associated with a discharge . Will you please help?
Ans- You have not mentioned whether your diabetes is controlled or not. If not, it may be advisable to keep a proper control because a high blood sugar has a detrimental effect on all the symptoms of the body. A “Black swelling inside the nose” can mean anything!! If it is an inflammatory swelling, please take Hypericum 200 + Arsenicum Album 200 together twice daily and Sanguinaria Canadensis 200 twice daily for two months and see the results.

17.    I am a 50-year-old woman. I am suffering from high blood pressure. I have also Sugar (F) 144 and Sugar (PP) 185. Recently I noticed that there are black patches on my feet. Kindly suggest me any homeo remedy.

Ans- It seems you are suffering from hypertension and Diabetes Mellitus. You have not mentioned whether you are currently under any medication or not. If you are on allopathic medicines for any of these problems and for
any length of time, you will need to continue there till they can be slowly tapered off. Please take i) Rhus Toxicodendron 30 + Aconitum Napellus 200 (together), twice daily, ii) Helonias Dioica 200 in liquid form, twice
daily. Mercurius Solubilis 200, every alternate morning will help your pigmentation on the legs.

18. I am a 32-year-old woman. I have a problem of acne on my face that is very painful. Though I had this problem during my teens but for years this problem was not there. Please help me.

Ans-  Acne can often be a painful condition both due to the eruptions themselves and the fact that they diminish our self confidence due to their ungainly appearance. Please take Hepar Sulph 200 +Arsenicum Album 200 (together) twice daily. This will not only take care of the acne themselves but also help with the scars.


19. I am a 30-year-old man. I suffer from cough and cold throughout the year. Can you suggest me some homeo remedy?

Ans-  Cough and cold can mean anything from a mild allergic rhinitis to a severe bronchial asthma. Taking into account the fact that you are having a problem through out the year, it is necessary for you to take something that will boost your resistance so that you will stop falling sick so often. Please take - i) Calcarea Carbonica 1000, once in the week in the morning, ii) Sanguinaria Canadensis 200, twice daily, iii) Hepar Sulph 200, twice
daily. When better, please stop the others but continue Calcarea Carbonica 1000 for six to eight months.

20. I am a 31-year-old man. I suffer from sleeplessness. Can you suggest me some Homeo remedy?

Ans- The treatment  for sleeplessness often depends upon the case of it. If you are under a lot of stress and this is the reason for your sleeplessness then, it would be better for you to learn meditation or something similar instead of taking lots of pills. In general Kalium Phosphoricum 6X is a good biochemic salt which helps in a non toxic and non addictive way.

21.  I am an athlete and I have a terrible problem, which has become the bane of my life. I have painful corns on the soles of my feet. They have been operated upon but recurred again two times. Please help.
Ans- This can be a very unpleasant situation for you being a athlete. The reason for formation of these are often unclear and surgically removing them leaves the cause behind and they recur. In homeopathy, the following medicine will help you: Antimonium Crudum 200, taken one dose every alternate morning for one month, then please report to your local homeopath.
22.  I am a 28 years-old man. Since childhood I am suffering from constipation alternate dysentery, flatulence, urging to stool but only little of flatus, wind trouble mainly in the lower region. Almost constant fermenting of gas going on in the abdomen. As per allopathy doctor: it is irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Can homeopathy do better? 
Ans-  The first thing to do in such a case is to try and minimize mental stress. Medical research has found that a lot of these intestinal problems stem from it. Try meditation or other methods of stress relief. Homeopathic medicines taken in the following regimen will definitely help your problems: i) Natrum Phos 30, taken two doses a day, ii) Lycopodium Clavat 200, one dose on alternate nights, will be of great benefit. I believe that there are three rules to a healthy digestion:
1.    Drink water only when thirsty.
2.    Eat only 75% of your appetite.
3.    Eat normal food, i.e. (Read 'normal' as what has been the staple food in your family for countless generations, in Indian families this usually means cooked food with spices and chillies.)
23.  I am a white complexioned 25 year old boy .my neck, armpit, elbow, groin, knee (specially joint area) is very dark. i had notised it when i was 20.i had visited a skin specialist but of no use. please suggest me homeopathy medicines.
Ans- You have not mentioned whether these patches itch or not. If they are just dark patches which do not itch, then they are likely to be melanoderma ( pigmentation) and can be treated with oral Mercurius Solubilis 200, every alternate morning. On the other hand, if they are itching and raised from the surface, they are probably fungal and may be treated by taking Antimonium Crudum 6, twice daily – orally.

25.  Dear Dr. Pratip Banerji, I have bleeding piles, which are very painful. Every morning is a horrible time for me. I have had an operation but this gave me relief only for a short time. Please help me.
Ans-  Surgery without removal of the cause of the problem often is followed by a relapse. Please eat proper food with good roughage and avoid sitting for long on the potty with your newspaper or novel. Homeopathic medicines to help you are:
i) Sulphur 200, one dose every alternate morning.
ii) Ratanhia 200, two doses daily. This medicine may also be repeated more often for the pain.
26.  Dear Sir, Last six months my daughter aged 5 years is suffering from allergic rhinitis.she is catching cold very early with nasal irritation.Allopathy medicine gives relief temporarily.Is there any homoeopathic medicine for permanent cure?
Ans- This is a problem that has become very common in young children in the last few years. It is necessary to treat this problem by improving the immunity of the child rather than as a simple cough and cold. Please give the child the following:
i) Calcarea Carbonica 1000, one dose every week. for building resistance.
ii) Allium Cepa 30, may be given as an SOS medicine if and when the child developes a cold. In this case it may be given two - three doses a day, as required. We will expect the intervals between attacks to get wider and the intensity of the attacks to diminish until the attacks stop completely. For a proper treatment please approach your local homeopath.
27.  I have a peculiar problem of having mouth ulcers repeatedly – in my inner cheeks and sometimes on my tongue. The doctors say that this is due to Vitamin deficiency and prescribe some capsules and it goes away only to return after a time. Can you help as this is very painful for me.

Ans- Mouth ulcer of your type may be due to Vitamin deficiency but are not always because you are getting less of the Vitamin in your diet. This usually happens because even though you may be getting the proper diet, your body is unable to assimilate and use the Vitamin. Also, repeated overdosage with Vitamins may  have an ultimate detrimental effect on your general health. Please take the following for two months. This will help you more permanently -  Mercurius Solubilis 200, in liquid, 2 drops two times a day.

28. I am a 30 -year-old man. I am addicted to gutkha and take atleast 6 gutkhas a day. So from time to time I suffer from toothache. Kindly help me.

Ans-  Toothache, lockjaw from submucus fibrosis and even oral cancer can be a result of chewing these substances!! The best help for you would be something to get you off the stuff!! Please make an effort to kick the habit or you may find it kicking you - - in more ways than one. For help in detox, please take Tabacum 200 twice daily for three months and see a change in your craving for the gutka. For the toothache, please take Hypericum Perforatum 200 twice daily and may take every two hours for severe toothache till relief.
29. I am a 32-year-old woman. I am suffering from asthma since last 10 years. I am feel helpless at times. Kindly help me.

Ans- Asthma is an allergic condition which can be very debili taking, painful and restrictive on quality of life. Exposure to an allergen causes the respiratory tubes in the lungs to go into spasm ie. broncho spasm. Usually this condition is handled by conventional medicine as an incurable one and the patient is made to take bronchodilators as oral or inhaled substances through out their lives. Homeopathy has a good treatment here and we can often cure this disease permanently. Please take Calcarea Carbonica 30 once daily, Ipecacuanha 30 twice daily and may take every one hour for severe breathing problem till relief. Please take the medicines for three months and consult local homeopath.
30. I am a 23-year-old man. Last week I suddenly had an epileptic attack, the reason is unknown because it never happened earlier. Kindly help me.

Ans- Sudden epileptic attacks at age 23 years, is slightly unusual and you should immediately undergo certain tests to determine the cause of it. Consult a good neurophysician in your neighborhood who will probably recommend an immediate – EEG (Electro – encephalogram) and a CT scan of the brain (with contrast). A clear report for these tests and the cause for worry will be minimized. For now, please start Lachesis 200 every alternate morning, Cuprum Metallicum 6 twice daily till reports arrive. Then consult your local homeopath for proper treatment.

31. My son is four month old. He frequently suffers from cough and cold, Kindly advice.

Ans-  Four month olds with cough and cold can weigh very heavily on the minds and hearts of the rest of family – as most hate to see such small children suffer. Assuming that it is a common cold with nose running, sneezing and cough, please give Arsenicum Album 6 and Lycopodium Clavat 30 every three hours alternately and Ipecacuanha 30 SOS for cough.

32. I am a 28-year-old man. Eight months back, whenever I have supper I suffer from sudden increased heart rate. I am an asthma patient and also suffer from high blood pressure around 100/140.

Ans- An increase heart rate is not such an unusual symptom and unless the increase is to the extent that you get palpitations, there is nothing to worry about. For your asthma and slightly raised B.P., please take the following, which will give you a long term relief: Lachesis 200, on alternate morning one dose, Ipecacuanha 30, two doses daily and Rhus Toxicodendron 30 + Aconite Nap 200 mixed together, two doses daily.

32. I am a 29-year-old working woman. I suffer  from acute sinusitis and during winters it get really bad. Often blood comes out of my nose. Please help me.

Ans- Sinusitis becoming acute is not uncommon during the cold winter months. Infact there is not much to worry about. Beside guarding yourself from being exposed directly to the winter cold, I would suggest the following medicine. Take Sanguinaria Canadensis 200, twice daily for two months and observe.
33. I am a 27-year-old working woman. I suffer from chronic headache especially on the temple of the forehead. So I take painkillers to get quick remedy. Kindly help me.
Ans- There are various reasons for getting a chronic headache. However, taking painkiller at random is only a quick solution but not a permanent one. Infact, painkillers have a number of side effects if used regularly over a period of time. Please try Sepia 200, once in a week in the morning for three months and report to local homeopath. In case of severe headache please take Picric Acid 200 + Belladonna 3 mixed together, every 30 minutes interval till you get relief.

34. My father is a patient suffering from Paraplegia with Severe Internal Spasms and Burning Sensation down from waist line to feet since last 2.5years. he had been diagnosed for a NERVE COMPRESSION (with suspected Tuberculotic Absess) and Laminectomy was done at D1 to D5 level but in no vain. Presently he has been confined in bed with the following ailments :
## No movement at the lower part of the body with occasional spasms and continuous burning sensation
## No sensation of Urine and Bowel
## Sleep disorder
It will be very helpful for us if we get any remedial suggestion from you regarding this patient.
Pls suggest.

Ans- The condition of your father is most unfortunate given that all possible treatment by the conventional school including surgery has not improved his lot after 2½ years of suffering. For his proper treatment, it is very necessary that you should show all his reports, and him as well, to a good homeopath. His papers which are necessary should also contain the note on his surgery as well as his last C.T. Scan or MRI plates etc. a brief history of his case and the current condition along with what his immediate problems are. Please take him to a good homeopath in your area. For a stop – gap relief, please give – i) Symphytum 200, twice daily, ii) Calcarea Phosphorica 3X, twice daily and iii) Hypericum 200, SOS for relief of the pain.

35. I am a 28-year-old woman. Last week I badly hurt myself on my back but I didn't pay heed to that problem. Now I had severe pain can you please suggest me some homeo solution.
Ans-  Please take proper care of yourself and try to avoid falling down! Ladies are more prone to breaking their bones than men at any age group. This is primarily related to the different ways in which the feminine and male bodies store and use calcium. Indian ladies especially are more prone to osteoporosis and there are more risks involved with injuries and such. For your back, I hope you have had an X-Ray done to check for damage! Please take the following to clear up the pain and live a happier life - i) Rhus Toxicodendron 30, twice daily, ii) Arnica Montana 200, twice daily for three months.

36.  Dear Dr. Banerji,I have a son aged 2 years 11 months. He suffered from upper respiratory track infection before for quite a number of times. Two months back he had the same throat problem, though he had no fever as it normally happened in most of his previous cases. He was advised "Relent" and "Ventrolin" by the child specialist as mucus and froth associated along with his cough. After he recovered his voice has broken and sounds very suppressed. Despite all medicines, it continues to sound broken and suppressed though he feels no irritation in the throat or complains about it. He had no previous bronchial problems and his chest is also clear. Please help by advising us.
Ans- This sometimes happens in there very small children specially after recovering from the kind of complaints that your son had. This is probably due to the trauma inflicted by the cough on his tender vocal cords. Ideally, if this had happened to an adult, voice rest for a few days would go a long way to fixing the problem. Since this is impossible to enforce in a 3 years old, the following medicine will help him. Please give Hepar Sulph 200, twice daily for two months and observe.

37. I have a six-year-old son, who is a left-hander, has severe problem of attention deficit. His language development is less with no intellectual deficit. He daydreams continuously, which hinders his studies. He is obsessed with few games and does not mix with his peer group. He loves socializing with elders. He hates writing. But he is good with numbers. He is fidgety and does not like sitting still. Can you help me out? Name withheld.
Ans- I don’t know what sort of family structure you have at have but it seems that your son probably has not had much peer group socialization in the early part of his childhood. Putting him into group activities with often kids his age may get him to open up more towards his peers. Regarding attention deficit, it would be proper if this is noticed, to get him properly evaluated for his vision and hearing before we label him to ligue a learning problem. Homeopathy has some good medicines which can help with alteration and concentration. Please give him Hyoscyamous  Niger 6 twice daily for two months and let your local homeopath have a report.

38. I am a 35-year-old woman have bleeding two or three times a month. I also suffer from anaemia so I feel this can be one of the reasons behind it but I am not sure. Please help me.

Ans- Frequent and heavy periods can often result in low blood level i.e. Anaemia. Menstruation occurring 2 / 3 times a month signifies some hormonal problem. In such cases, it is of primary importance that both the conditions i.e. the irregular menses & the aneamia be treated together for maximum benefit to the patient. Please take China Off. 3X twice daily, Arnica Montana 3 twice daily and Sepia 200, twice in a week in the morning for three cycles.
39. I am a 45-year-old woman suffering from chronic knee-joint pain. Can you suggest me any homeo remedy?

Ans- Knee pains can be caused by anything from an old injury to osteo-athritis. While the cause can determine the prognosis i.e. end result, of the treatment relief can be granted to the patient usually in all cases. Please take Symphytum 200 twice daily, Arnica Montana 200 twice daily for two months & see the result.
40. I am a 27-year-old man but I have a shameful fact to share. Why I don't know I am losing hair in a random manner. Can you please help me out?
Ans- Hairloss at such a young age can happen due to many reasons foremost of which are – hereditary factors, change in living environment i.e. change of residence etc, hormonal problems – i.e. androgenic alopecia etc. Keep  your hair clean and shortly cropped as dirty scalp commonly attracts like etc which can further decimate the hair. Please take Ustilago 200 once daily for two months. 

41. I am a 56-year-old woman who have a peculiar sensation in my hands. Can you suggest me any homeo remedy?

Ans- By “peculiar sensation in the hands” I will assume that you mean a tingling sensation in the hands. This can happen as a pure nerve sensation and is dubbed “ Neuritis”. Sometimes, this is a purely neurological symptom i.e. arising from a primary nerve problem, sometimes this may be secondary to other problems such as diabetes etc. Please take Hypericum 200 twice daily for three months and observe.

42.    Respected Dr. Pratip Banerjee,
I am a 85 yrs old lady and suffering Osteoporosis (acute) since two years.
I am not taking any medicine since last 2 months. Last 3 months I am getting a severe problem of stool. Everyday I have to go latrine 8 to 10 times.Only two times stool is clear rest of time only mucus is coming with small quantity of blood & getting pain left side of stomac. Will you kindly advise me how to cure ?

Ans- I wonder why the medicines for your osteoporosis were stopped two months ago? Did you stop them or did the doctor in-charge of your case? Your bowel problems - with mucus and blood need proper investigation to see where the blood is coming from. It could be from the colon / rectum area or from haemorrhoids /  polyps. Proper investigation is of the essence here. Homeopathic medicines, Merc Sol 200 in liquid form taken 2 drops two times daily will help you for your stomach and China 3X liquid 5 drops two times daily would help with your general health and any resulting anaemia due to previous blood loss.

43. I have a sort of chronic pain on the hip bones/ joints; which is as old as 17 year. The pain occurs due to fast movement /lifting of some heavy weight /physical work pressure/ riding motor bike. Intially it is mild and within 4-5 hours it reaches to its peak, leading to continuous throbbing pain; which is unbearable. It aggravates while taking turn on sleeping and sometimes gives a sensation of electric shock. It affects one side at a time and shifts either to left or right hip bones. The pain does not radiate to down-ward / up-ward, but seated at one location , however shifts from point to point on the hip bone area. The centre of the pain is deep as outside pressing the muscle does not give the pain sensation. Outside application of hot water bag/ balm etc. does not give any relief. I was getting relieve after taking pain killer for 2 -3 days [Voveran-D, Zobin-D etc]. The relief was for a period of 3-4 months and again it was relapsing.
Earlier the pain killer was responding quickly; over a period of time the response from pain killer is slow. For last 1 year or so there is the pain always [but in lower scale] - which often gets aggravated with little increase in physical strain. I have taken treatment from a case a number of doctors, from allopathy, homeopathy, accupuncture, ayurved and also physiotherapy. But there is no relief from the pain. The reason for the pain being mentioned to be weakening of the base of the tendon, sclerosis of bones etc. I therefore request you to kindly suggest the course of treatment for this ailment.

Ans- You seem to have researched your illness or visited almost every doctor in town for your problem. Sometimes, I have found that a combination of two therapies ie. such as physiotherapy and homeopathy, has a greater impact than an individual approach. It would be nice to prescribe after looking through the X Rays, reports and such, but, in my experience, cases like yours are conveniently treated by - Symphytum 200, twice daily, Hypericum 200 twice daily. Please take for three months and observe.

44. Sir, I am a 23yr old boy suffering from rhinitis for the past 8yrs.I have met a homeopathic doctor last year. after the case study was done by some of his students the doctor prescribed me to take thyroidinium without even looking at the case study ,I took it but after that I started having a dry cough,but that thing has disappeared now.Should i go for allopathy?Please suggest .

Ans- In homeopathy, it is important that you should discuss your symptoms rather than only mention the name of the disease such as "Rhinitis". This is because often the prescription changes with the change in the symptoms. I will assume that rhinitis means sneezing colds with noseblocks, loss of sense of smell etc. For this, please take

-i ) Calcarea Carbonica 1000, once in a week, and

-ii ) Cepa 30, SOS for sneezing.

In homeopathy, we have excellent medicines for you and unlike the usual steroids and such sprays prescribed by the allopaths, our medicines have no side-effects.

45. I am an allopath,retired from health services.My age is 68 yrs.I am suffering from gout with serum uric acid high and using pain killer of different variety now then for more than 25 yrs.I am also taking TegretalCR20 for my neurological problem for 3 yrs. Recently i have  gone through your homeo prescription in Cal. times-Medorhinum,Ledum & Belladona.I want to know whether the above said medicines can be used without any side effects with benefit.

Ans-  Dear Dr. Nath, the medicines as mentioned by you are very well tested and a lot of cases of gout have benefitted from their usage. The Led - Bell combination helps with the pains, while the Medorrhinum helps to
lower the Uric Acid levels in the blood. We have been using these medicines for long and have yet to come across any side-effects produced by them. On a lighter view I think I can safely tell you that though I cannot guarantee a cure, I can guarantee that these medicines won't harm you. Please try them and observe the results

46. Respected doctor, I am 22 years old woman staying in Calcutta. I have been suffering from quite a few problems for some time.
1.I have tremendous dandruff in my hair and they come out in large scalps.
 2.I suffer from a foul body odour.
3.I also have growth of hair on my chest and upper lips
 Do you think that I could be suffering from some gynaecological problem?
 I would be grateful to you if you tell me what medicines I should take  to combat these problems.

Ans- The answer to your question as to what I think you may be suffering from would be that probably you have a problem related to the hormone levels in your body. Mostly when some thing like this occurs, some disturbances are reflected in the menstrual cycle and other gynaecological symptoms may be observed. For your skin, ie. Hair, scalp and body odour, please take Mezereum 200 once daily and for the hirsutism (abnormal distribution of body / facial hair), the medicines Silicea 12X twice daily and Sabal Serrulata mother tincture twice daily have been known to help in such cases. Please try the medicines for 3 months and observe.

47. I am 24 years old. I am a patient of piles for the last three  years. It always comes blood with my stool in a gap of one week and there is not any burn or pain during that period . I have been prescribed many medicines but all have gone in vain. The kind of  lifestyle and job i have, i can not aviod oily and fast foods completely. Please tell me any cure for this. I am very much depressed.

Ans- The best way to cure oneself is not by avoiding the thing that brings on a problem, rather being able to face it and not fall sick. Some changes may be required in ones lifestyle, such as avoiding carrying the newspaper or best selling novel into the loo with you!! On the other hand the factors responsible for the disease may be various and often indeterminate. The following medicines should help you to recover from your
piles problem -

i) Sulphur 200, every alternate morning,
ii) Hamamelis Virginica Mother tincture, SOS for bleeding. Please take for 3 months and
observe the results.

48. Attn to Dr. Pratip Banerjee
Sir, My wife (27) and I (36) are married for last 4 years and having a baby of 1.5 years. Our mental relationship is quite okay. But my wife is lacking of libido and she feels coition, a painful affair. She also has a problem of vaginismus and leucorrhoea since her childhood. Psychologically, sex is a taboo affair for her. As a result, she does not like to have sex and apparently we have lost our sexual life. Can we get relieved through homeopathy?

Ans- Sex is often a much avoided topic of conversation in many Indian households and proper sex education is severely lacking in many of us. Her gynaecological problems can be treated very well with the medicines Kreosote
200, twice daily. Regarding the lack of desire for intercourse, it is very difficult off hand to actually understand the reason and thus it is difficult to treat by medicines alone. The medicine Sepia 200 taken 2 time a week often helps but it will be a very good thing if you both can reach out and take the help of an experienced counselor as well. Counselling is often useful in such cases because it helps people to come to terms with their innerself and face their deepest fears and sexuality.
49. My mother(65) is a housewife. For four years suffering from left-sided paralysis which is prominent in arm and leg. while walking drags feet. Indigestion worse from acidic food. Previous history lumbago. Primary allopathic treatment. please describe some homeo medicine.

Ans- You have not specified the reason for your mothers paralysis so I will base my medicines on the assumption that she has suffered a CVA ie. Cerebro-Vascular Accident ( stroke ) 4 years ago. In such situation, the patient is usually already heavily being medicated with anti-hypertensive and other drugs. In such cases, it is not advisable to discontinue the same in a sudden manner. Alongside the allopathic medicines, the following may be given and though it is generally thought that no improvement of the paralysis can take please after 1 year of the stroke, I have found that in a good percentage of cases, we can at least bring about some improvement. Please give

i) Rhus Tox 30 + Arnica Montana 3 (together), twice daily,
ii)Lycopodium Clavat 200, every alternate morning, will help with her acidity.

50. Hi I am a regular reader of this column.I am a 26 year old male.Homeopathy helped me get rid of sinus which 3 weeks of antibiotics didn't. I am suffering from a sensitive stomach for the last 4 years.Whenever I eat outside food or certain types of foods(juices etc) my stool is little loose(1 motion but disformed).I take Lactobacil and multivitamins to help.Can homeopathy give me a permanent cure?

Ans- As I have said before in answer to another query, a strong digestion can be possible if there is normal ( ie. chillies/spices) dietary in take on a daily basis. If you do not have normal spicy and well cooked meals at home, it is down right impossible to not fall rich with outside foods. In your case please take Pulsatilla 30 twice daily and repeat if you feel unwell after eating out. I feel that an indiscriminate intake of multivitamins is not a good idea because, it reduces the capacity of the body to pick it up from the food as it should.

51. My Mother (75) has been suffering from breast cancer for last couple of years. As she preferred not to go for allopathic treatments has been under homeopathic medicines during this period. However she is still losing weight steadily and becoming weaker and weaker the disease possibly spreading since she is getting color changing moles in other parts of the body. She had been mainly taking Carcinosin 200 single dose in distilled water regularly every week along with either Phytolocea 200 or Scirrbinum 200 alternately (also single dose in distilled water) . 

Could you please let me know your comments with advice for better treatment / remedy by homeopathy?

Ans. 11) It is sad to hear that your mother has cancer and with regards to its treatment, the following should be noted. In our practice, we have the privilege to treatment many cases of cancer. When these patients come to us, we treat them with the object of giving them relief of their suffering and improving their quality of life. Sometimes while doing so, we find that the tumour / lesion itself regresses and the patient recovers fully. But, we are as yet unable to predict which patient will benefit from our treatment and who will not, we have to try our best and see. The amount of information you can give on such a case will determine the medicines to be taken by the patient, please send us all her reports ie. copies, a history ( data wise ) of the case with information on treatment received and a list of her symptoms, on receiving that I will prescribe some medicines for her. There
will be no charge for this.

52. Sir, I have a skin problem from around 1 year. last year in june i saw some red eruption on all over my body . i consulted a skin specialist.he diagnosed disease as eruptive lichen planus.he prescribed allegra andsome lotion clonate . after one month there was a lot of relief. But  eruption left some black marks all over body.he prescribed atrax for  two months. but now my problem is that some eruption are stillthere.there is itching in that eruption.i feel very depressed due to those black marks and red eruption. i can not go to swimming pool etc. please help me and get me out of this problem.

Ans- Lichen planus is a difficult problem to deal with, both for the patient, as well as the physician. There is hard any cure of this condition by the use of external ointments which are usually topical steroids. The persistent and obstinate nature of the eruptions and marks cause a lot of agony and I can understand your state of mind. As is very well known, homeopathy has a very effective treatment for almost all skin problems.
Please try the following for 2 months & report to your local homeopath.

1)Hepar Sulph 200, every alternate morning,
2) Arsenicum Album 200 daily night and SOS for itching.

53. sir I am 59 yrs old having hemiparkinson's disease for 8 yrs.I have  tremor,stiffness on left leg,hand , bending of left little finger. kindly advise some medicine. Is cure possible? I am taking Causticum10 M, SpigelliaA200,Lathyrus30, also some allopath medicine.

Ans-  Parkinson's disease is a condition that seems to be becoming more and more common in that last decade or so. It is not convenient by treatable by any form/system of medicine and though there has been a lot of ground breaking research in the last few years, none of it has truly brought the disease under control. In homeopathic treatment, we try to control the progression of the disease first, only if we succeed in doing so does the symptoms gradually subside and you will start to feel better. Those on allopathic medicines usually find it very difficult to get off them because the condition deteriorates rapidly on doing so. In such cases we try to
taper off the allopathy under the umbrella of our medicines. Please take

1)Lachesis 200, every alternate morning,
2 ) Gelsemium 6, twice daily, and
3 )Cuprum Metallicum 6 twice daily for a month
& report to your local homeopath.

54. Dear Doctor,
I am 67 years old man. For the last 3 years I am suffering from stomach troubles. Very often the left side of the abdomen becomes heated and I feel burning sensation which spreads upto rectum. If I keep wet napkin on my stomach I feel comfortable. The stool formation is not good and there is bad smell most of the time. Sometimes after passing stool I feel so weak that I cannot stand up. There is no pain in the abdomen in any region. Problem of acidity and gas is not much. Generally I pass stool in the morning after taking tea and sometimes in the evening. Tounge is sometimes clear and sometimes with white layer. General weakness is always there and sometimes I feel black out when I get up from sitting position. My weight is only 40 kgs.I always take light food at home. I have taken various allopathic medicines which gave temporary relief. Recently I consulted Gastroentrologist. He has done Colonoscopy but nothing was found. His diagnosis is Dyspepsia/Colitis and prescibed Neoloc (for Gas & Acidity) and Digiplex T(for indigestion). But still sometime I am having the above problems. Can you please prescribe me some good medicines and give me some relief ?

Ans- The symptoms that are characteristic of your disease are very common in tropical countries like ours. Almost every 2nd or 3rd person has some complain about their digestion and at the risk of repeating an earlier column, I think it will help you if you take the following -

i) Arsenicum Album 3, twice daily,
ii)  Lycopodium Clavat 200, every alternate morning.

55. Dear Sir,  i am 55 and suffering from spondilitis. X ray shows early degenerative changes at C5, C6, L4 and L5 vertebrae.Exercise helps but often pain is severe.The right leg and hand are especially affected. I will be thankful if you advise me on this matter.

Ans-  Spondilitis can be very painful and debilitating condition - which can hamper day-to-day activities and work schedules. Exercise is a must but homeopathy has some excellent medicines to control and finally cure this
condition. Please take
i) Rhus Tox 30, twice daily,
ii)  Hypericum 200, twice daily & report.

56.I am 66 years old. I am suffering from Anosmia, Allergic Rhinitise and Bilateral Ethmodial polyps since 1999. Detail description of the  disease: The moment I get up from bed and touches water sneezing accompanied with phlegyn starts and continues generally till 10.30 a.m. Sneezing stops generally after bathing. Sometimes,on any time of  the day sneezing starts. I do not get smelling sense. I had a homeopathy treatment which made me cured for a few days. After that  the same problem started and now I have totally lost the smelling sense. No medicine is acting upon me since I have taken Cetacean tablet given by Alopathy Doctor.

Ans- Your condition "Allergic Rhinitis " affects a good number of people and because temporary acting medicines and antihistamines are bused, the suffering gets prolonged. We treat this state very effectively giving
i ) Calcarea Carbonica 1000, once in a week,
ii ) Sanguinaria Can 200, twice daily, and
iii ) Cepa 30, SOS for sneezing.
Please try this set of medicines for 2 months and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

57. Dear Sir,  I have a son aged 2 years 11 months. He suffered from upper respiratory track infection before for quite a number of times. Two months back he had the same  throat problem, though he had no fever as it normally happened in most of his previous cases. He was advised "Relent" and "Ventrolin" by the child specialist as mucus and froth associated along with his cough. After he recovered his voice has broken and sounds very suppressed. Despite all medicines, it continues to sound broken and suppressed though he feels no irritation in the throat or complains about it. He had no previous bronchial problems and his chest is also clear. Please help
by advising us.

Ans- This sometimes happens in there very small children specially after recovering from the kind of complaints that your son had. This is probably due to the trauma inflicted by the cough on his tender vocal cords. Ideally, if this had happened to an adult, voice rest for a few days would go a long way to fixing the problem. Since this is impossible to enforce in a 3 years old, the following medicine will help him. Please give Hepar Sulph 200, twice daily for one month and observe.

58. Dear Dr Banerjee, I'm 55 years old and suffer from moderate hypertension which I try to tackle with lifestyle control, like morning walks(4 Km),predominantly vegeterian low protein diet etc. I have to take an occasional sedative and/or diuretic. I'm very reluctant to go on a regular alopathic medication, please can you suggest some homeopathic cure?

Ans- You are right to be cautions about going onto any medicine that you may need to carry on for the rest of your life. As I have said earlier in this column, it is really a shame to see the urban population of the world turning into an army of pill – poppers in the last decade or so. To bring about some stability in your pressure, please continue to live life in the healthy way that you are doing and take Rauwalfia Serpentina mother tincture 10 drops two times a day for 3 months and see the result.

59. I am 38 years old. I have benn suffering from Palmo Planter Psoriasis for the last two years on my palm and sole of the feet. There is white scratching at the sole of foot and palm. I have tried allopathy medicine and some creams on it but at the end of winter it reappeared. Please advice.

Ans-  Palunar and planter psoriasis in very effectively treated by homeopathy. This painful condition can cause a lot of grief and is usually treated by allopathic ointment and moisturizers. For treatment with homeopathic medicine, please continue to apply a moisturizer and take the following medicines for a month.
-Petroleum 200, every alternate morning,
-Arsenicum Album 200 once daily.
Thereafter please report to your local homeopath.

60. I am a 53 years old man.My nervous system has become damaged & my nerves have become very weak. I suffer from hypertension, anxiety etc.& get nervous in front of my friends & business associates. I have lost confidence & my nerves have become very weak. I have also lost control of my mind & am suffering from OCD (uncontrollable thinking & working). Please suggest any remedy for my problems.

Ans- In your case, you seem to be suffering from anxiety Neurosis with depressive disorder and back of self confidence. Whatever has caused this it is quite possible to overcome if treated properly along with a few basic changes in your lifestyle. I would advise you to start same meditation, art of having etc. The homeopathic medicines which will help you are Gelsenium 6  twice daily, Coffea Cruda 200 once daily for 3 months and report.

61. I have a six-year-old son, who is a left-hander, has severe problem of attention deficit. His language development is less with no intellectual deficit. He daydreams continuously, which hinders his studies. He is obsessed with few games and does not mix with his peer group. He loves socializing with elders. He hates writing. But he is good with numbers. He is fidgety and does not like sitting still. Can you help me out?

Ans- I don’t know what sort of family structure you have at have but it seems that your son probably has not had much peer group socialization in the early part of his childhood. Putting him into group activities with often kids his age may get him to open up more towards his peers. Regarding attention deficit, it would be proper if this is noticed , to get him properly evaluated for his vision and hearing before we label him to ligue a learning problem. Homeopathy has some good medicines which can help with alteration and concentration. Please give him Hyoscyamous  Niger 6 twice daily for 1 month and let your local homeopath have a report.

62. To Dr. Pratip Banerjee- My age is 65 years.I am having enlarged prostate and serumPSA is normal(0.89ng/ml),detected during my routine medical check-up. Now to keep it under control and to avoid any future complications for my enlarged prostate, I am taking continuously since
long allopathy medicine, i.e., one tab "Contiflo-OD 0.4mg" everyday as per the doctor's prescription . But there is some adverse side effect of the alopathy medicine , I'd like to switch over my treatment to homeopathy at the earliest. Please prescribe me proper medicine in homeopathy accordingly.

Ans- Firstly, I do not understand why you are taking any medicine at all ! Your enlarged prostate was asymptomatic and you seem to have come to know of it only during a routine examination. Your PSA, tested subsequently is well urthin normal range. In this scenaris it is, in my opinion over kill to pump you with medicines which (1) you may not need (2) have side-effects. I advise you to stop all medicines for now. It has been seen that a large percentage of men after a certain age do have an enlarged prostate which is benign, asymptomatic and remains so forever. So unless there is a problem, we do not recommend any medicine.

63. Respected sir,  I am  30 years of age. before writing my problem i want to inform you that my mother was a psycological patient. now she is dead. and my younger sister is also a psycological patient. my problem is that i cannot concentrate my mind. whenever i studies , writes ,plays ,chats with friends, means whatever i do my mind diverts without my will. even when i sleep , my mind did not stop thinking this and that. i feel that i m awake during sleeping period. my mind is not control of me. sometimes i think that i m also a psycological patient. but i did not want to accept it. i have never taken any medicine for this. you are the first one to whom i am telling my
problem. please help me sir.

Ans-You seem to have a strong family history of problems of the mind. Sometimes living in such an environment can put insecurities even into the minds of people who are not affected by a problem. Anyway, your mind seems to be hyperactive and you may need to relax. Sometimes just talking to some one about these issues can set them right. I suggest you visit a good counsellor who will make a tremendous difference to your anxieties and insecurities. Homeopathically, I suggest you take Kali Phosphoricum 6x every night at bedtime for 3 weeks and see.

64. Respected sir, I am 70 yrs old and suffering from acidity & constipation since very long.My blood pressure is 137/70. Besides it,I have been getting pain since six months on the right arms ,especially at the time of turning body that side while sleeping and pulling up any heavy thing by right hand. Please suggest, me what shuld I do.

Ans- It is not clear from your mail whether your right arm means the shoulder, elbow or hand itself. Taking it to be your shoulder, you may have a condition called frozen shoulder where people get a restricted mobility of the shoulder on sudden movements or lifting weights. It so, please take Rhus Toxicodendron 30,  twice daily  for one month and observe. It better, should be continued for at least 3 months.

65. Dear Dr., I have a lipoma on my forehead. Should I take the same medicine that was recommended by you(Times of India).What should be the dose is not clear. I would be eagerly waiting to hear from you on my email address.

Ans- When you say that you have a lipoma on your forehead, I assume that you have been diagnosed for that condition by a competent doctor. In that case, the medicines which commonly helps this condition is Hamamelis Verginica 200 + Arnica Montana 3, 2 pills of each taken together two times a day. Please try for three months and observe.

66. Dear sir, i'm a regular reader of your column of calcutta times, the times of india. since last year i am having pimple like boils on my upper back just below the shoulder on both sides accompanied with great pain and some amount of pus. in addition, i have ACNE problems on my nose since 2 years, though i have been under treatment for acne, the problem has reduced to a major extent but still persisting, please suggest remedy for both.

Ans- Acne vulgaris ie. pimples, can appear not only on the face and forehead but also on the back and arms etc. Possibly, this is responsible for the eruptions that you are complaining off. Whatever, the following medicines should help you –
-Hepar Sulph 200, every alternate morning,
-Arsenicum Album 200, once daily. Please take for two months and observe.

67. Sir, I am a student of H.S. Now my age is 18 years. I have se3rious problem of hair fall. I am becoming bald day by day. Sir, please suggest me to do something so that my hair fall may stop. I have already taken "Ustilgo 200" as your suggestion. Can I continue that?

Ans- Hairfal and baldness have a lot of connection to hereditary factors. Sometimes a change in address ( move from one place of residence to another ) and also some diseases like thyroid etc. may bring on a loss of hair. Ustilago 200 is a very good medicine for it and needs to be taken once / two times a day for at least two to three months for the effects to be perceptible. If this fails, only then do we think about other medicines. Please take as advised and report to local homeopath.

68. My son (15) has jaundice. Initially there was a little fever and mild uneasiness. His liver function is fine and hepatitis virus are negative. His bilirubin level is very high. Is it hepatitis?
Ans- Contrary to normal usage, hepatitis does not neccessarily mean jaundice ie. there can be jaundice (yellow discoloration) with or without hepatitis (inflammation of the liver) and vice versa. By saying his liver function is fine, I presume you mean his liver enzymes are normal, but this is unusual in cases with such high bilirubin unless there is an obstructive jaundice from an extra-hepatic cause. Proper investigations, such as scans etc. need to be done immediately and the cause for the high rise of bilirubin needs to be determined. Proper medication can only be suggested thereafter, but in the meantime, please give Chelidonium Majus 6X, twice daily to improve the condition and support the liver.
69. My daughter had mild oesophagitis two years ago. She was treated with ESONPRAZOLE for three months. Recently her haemoglobin level dropped to7.3.Her stool report shows only traces of mucus. She cannot give up FAMOTIDINE (antacid). 

Ans- I assume that you want a set of medicines which as a whole will improve her digestion and anaemia. Taking into account the fact that I don’t know her age, I think that she must be a young lady. Anyway, at any age, it is not a good idea to take Omeprazole or Famotidine – like medicines for long periods as they have lasting side-effects which can be read in the literature supplied with the drugs. For her oesophagitis and digestive problems, please give her Iris Versicolor 200, twice daily and for her anaemia China Off 3X, twice daily will go a long way in helping her. Please try the combination set for three months and see. During this time, she must acclimatize herself to normal diet with spices and chillies, eat only 75 % of her appetite and drink water only as per her thirst – for best result.
70. My father (60) developed anaemia (iron-deficiency anaemia) six months ago. He was advised iron pills. The level of haemoglobin improves when he takes the medicines but goes down as soon as he stops taking it. Can you help?
Ans- Unless there is starvation and deprivation in diet, my idea of iron deficiency or any other nutritional deficiency is starkly different from the normal, run of the mill ideas being encouraged by the medical fraternity today. There can be many causes of deficiency which have nothing to do with the availability of the substance to the body. Iron rich foods ( if the person is on a balanced diet ) should be sufficient to meet the requirements of your father if nobody else at home is suffering from a similar problem while on a similar diet. The reason as to why he keeps relapsing is that his system has a problem in utilizing the iron aheady in his diet while assimilation increases when he is overdosed with it. What he needs is a medicine to activate proper assimilation of iron in his system so that his body can produce the required amount of blood without having to resort to supplements. Please try Ferrum Phosphoricum 3X, twice daily for three months and see the results.

71. I am a 42-year-old woman. IN the last few months, my fingertails have turned black. Dermatologist said,it is 'Candidiasis'. I am suffering from this diseases as I soak my hands in water for a long time.

Ans- Candidiasis is a fungal infestation caused the organism candida albicans.  Candidiasis can affect different parts of the body including the skin and nails, mucus membranes and other parts producing different types of lesions. In your case, the fingernails are the victims. Please take Graphites 200, twice in a week for 2 months and observe the results.

72. I am a 29-year-old woman. A small swelling has appeared on my neck recently. It's painless. PLease suggest a homeo remedy.
Ans- You have not specified the exact location of the swelling on your neck, so it could be anything from an enlarged thyroid gland ie. a goiter to enlarged lymphnodes (neck glands)!! It could also be a double chin! Please be more specific in the further.

73. I am 18. For the last three months, I have been experiencing pain in the lower right wisdom tooth. My gums also bleed whenever I brush my teeth.
74. I am a 40-year-old man. For the past couple of years,the gum line of my lower jaw has been receding.
Ans- (73 &74)  Both your questions are related to the teeth and gums so I thought it would be better to answer them together. Regarding wisdom teeth problems, there is an old saying that “wisdom is always painful” but that apart, homeopathy has some good medicines to relieve your pain and incase your molass (ie. wisdom teeth) are erupting, to make the eruption relatively painless. Please take Hypericum 200 + Arsenicum Album 200 – together twice daily. Wisdom tooth pains are often periodic so when feeling better just stop the medicines and restart again at the slightest instance of the pain recurring. You will get 2 – 3 more such episodes following which the pain should go for good. In case of cavities, you will need to consult a dentist as to whether a filling is required. If so, then as they say “A Stitch in time…..”. Treatment for receding gums mainly involves keeping good oral/dental hygienic. Bacteria have a tendency to be attracted to the crevice between the gums and teeth where food debris collect. This infection is largely responsible for making the gums recede. Sometimes the infection can cause a hard substance called “tartar” to deposit in the receded area. Homeopathic medicines can help keep the gums healthy if good oral hygienic is maintained. Take Mercurius Solubilis 200, twice daily for two months and observe.
75. I have been suffering from periodic headaches for the last one year. Recently, the frequency of headaches with nausea has increased to the extent that it has become unbearable. This is disrupting my normal life. Please suggest a remedy.
Ans- You seem to be suffering from migraines. These usually start from age of  9 or 10 years and can cause great grief for many years. The headache is preceded by an aura or “feeling that a headache is coming” and usually makes the person nauseatic ending with or without vomiting. Patients of migraines usually report that certain things bring on the attacks such as sum, heat, travel, stress, premenstrual tension etc. Homeopathy had good medicines and you should try Sepia 200, once in a week and take Picricum Acidum 200 + Belladonna 3 together every half an hour – during the attacks. The attacks will diminish in intensity and the intervals between them will gradually increase till they stop coming.

76. I am a 35-year-old man.I occasionally suffer from loose motion in the morning. I feel weak after defecation,but the feeling goes away in an hour. All my blood tests are normal except for showing a high level of uric acid. What should I do?
Ans- A high Uric Acid level in the blood is usually found in people suffering from a condition called Gout. The symptoms produced in gout are usually a severely painful redness and swelling at various parts - primarily usually at the junction of the big toe and the foot. Many items in diet may play a role in the elevation of Uric Acid in the blood such as red meat, eggs etc. Homeopathic medicines, Medorrhinum 200 every Friday and Saturday morning, and Ledum Pal 200, twice daily - often helps in lowering the levels. For your morning loose motions, please try Aloe Soc 200 one dose every morning.

77. I am 65. We have a history of ISCHAEMIC HEART disease (caused by poor blood supply tothe heart) in our family. My BP 170/90. Itake CRATIGUS Q and LACHESIS-200 but no with improve.
Ans- The medicines you have been taking are actually very good for the heart and help in maintaining good coronary blood circulation thus helping the muscles of the heart. A family his long of ischaemic heart disease should make you cautions in your habits and point you towards proper exercise, dietary habits and a healthy life style. This will help in lowering the Blood Pressure by default. Other therapies such as yoga and meditation can be explored for benefit. Rauwalfia Serpentina Q (mother tincture) once daily at bedtime is good in such cases. 

78. I am a 62-year-old person. My problem is that my hand trembles vigorously while writing and the speed of writing is very slow. I am also suffering from coronary artery disease. Kindly suggest some homeo remedy.

Ans- The condition you are suffering from is usually called writer’s cramp. It is very persistent, nerve related problem that causes a lot of grief to the sufferer. In many instances, the patient is handicapped by the fact that he is unable to write even his name, leave alone sign cheques and such. Though difficult to treat with conventional medicines, this condition is very conveniently treatable with homeopathy. Many medicines have been found useful but we commonly use the following – Gelsemium 6, twice daily, Cuprum Metallicum 6, twice daily. This may be taken alongside any cardiac medicines that you are having.

79. My son 28 get negative thoughts frequently and also his memory has become Very weak. Is there any medicine to improve memory and reduce negative thoughts?

Ans- You have not specified your son’s age so I will assume that he is probably a teenager. If so, then let me remind you, negative thoughts during this age are not unusual. Depending on the intensity of these thoughts, it should be decided as to whether they warrant the application of medicines. He should be encouraged to be more outgoing and his mind diverted by extra – curricular activities such as sports, games, reading etc. If that doesn’t work, then Phos Acid 6, twice daily may be given for two months. This will also help his memory.
80. I am 21, suffering from an appendicitis infection since last three months. My   doctor advice me for operation. Is there any homeo remedy?

Ans- According to conventional medicine, Acute Appendicitis is s surgical disease. This is because an untreated appendix may burst putting the life of the patient at risk. If you are suffering from the last three months, I wonder what medication you have been taking? Your condition may now be named as Chronic Recurrent Appendicitis and regimen of the following medicines has been known to cure in such cases:– Lycopodium Clavat 200 + Belladonna 3 together twice daily, Sulphur 200 twice in a week, Belladonna 3 in liquid form SOS for pain. In any case, please do not try to treat yourself, it would be advisable to be under the supervision of a proper doctor during the period of your treatment.

81. I am a 21-yr-old woman with a fair skin. My underarms have become darker than my normal complexion due to excessive use of depletory creams and deodorants.
Ans- Depilatory creams and deodorants in rare cases may produce the effects such as allergic rashes or a deepening in pigmentation in applied areas. For this reason, it is always advisable to buy good quality stuff. Please take Antimonium Crudum 200 every alternate morning for a month and I am sure you will see a definite lightening of the patch. May be carried on for 2 – 3 months for a complete recovery.
82. I am a 26-yr-old schoolteacher. I am highly allergic to dust and get hay fever at least thrice a month. Can homeopathy help me?
Ans- Homeopathy is very effective in any kind of allergy including hay fever. In your profession, if you have to work with blackboards and chalk and dusty tomes, I think you must be in a very hassled situation! Since you can’t avoid any of the above, please continue your normal life ( ie. teaching ) and take Calcarea Carbonica 1000 once in the week in the morning, Arsenicum Album 6 twice daily for two months and I am sure you will feel much better. It is important not to avoid things producing allergies but rather to overcome them.
83. I am a 72-yr-old man with suffering enlargement of the prostrate. The gland measures 27.5 gm on ultrasound and after voiding; the residual urine is 240 ml. Can you recommend appropriate medication?
Ans- Even though 27.5 gms as the weight of your prostate tells us that it is in fact not too enlarged, your 240 ml. of residual urine is definitely something that requires immediate attention and proper treatment. Residual urine has a tendency to attract infections and cause a lot of suffering. Please take – i) Medorrhinum 200 every alternate morning, ii) Cantharis 200 twice daily, iii) Conium Maculatum 3 twice daily and iv) Sabal Serrulata Q (mother tincture) daily night 10 drops in water for 3 months. We have found this regimen to be highly effective in cases such as yours. This protocol not only reduces the size of the prostate but also helps in the evacuation of the bladder.
84. My 20-yr-old daughter has an itchy rash all over her face and body. The doctor says it is atopic dermatitis and will take time to settle down. Please suggest me homeopathic medicine for this?

Ans- Conventional medicine has scant treatment for atopic dermatitis except the application of steroids. These steroids though may be given in a topical ( ie. local ) application have the side-effects which are best avoided. Specially, the application of steroids on the face is definitely not a good idea. In homeopathy there are many excellent medicines for the skin and for your problem, I recommend that you take the following – Hepar Sulph 200 every alternate morning, Arsenicum Album 200 daily night & SOS for itching for 2 months and observe the effects.


85. I am 34-year-old man. My work requires me to sit on a chair for very long hours. At home, I have a habit of sitting on the bed and reading.I don't always take a backseat while reading on the bed.So when I leave the bed and stand up, I feel a shooting pain in the spine region.This stays for about five minutes and recurs when I am sitting on the bed again.
Ans- At your age, it may be a good idea to compensate for the long hours you have to sit by being a little active in your free time. Bad posture can account for your pains and a little free hand exercise would definitely benefit you. Homeopathic medicines for back pains have helped many and I suggest the following for you – i) Rhus Tox 30 twice daily, ii) Hypericum 200 twice daily. Please take for two months and observe.

86. I am a 35-year-old man. For the last one year, I have been suffering from severe knee pain. Sometimes it gets so severe that I cannot even bend my knee. After consulting a specialist, I went for medicine along with physiotherapy. But the treatment gave me only temporary relief.
Ans- I assume that you also underwent the normal tests like – X Rays, routine blood tests etc, and did not encounter a diagnosis such as torn ligament or Rheumatoid arthritis etc. Anyway, conventional medicine doesn’t have much to offer except painkillers which are not good in the long run. Homeopathically, please take – Symphytum 200 twice daily, Arnica Montana 200 twice daily for 2 months and report to your local homeopath.
87. I am a 52 year-old man having pain in my right thumb for about one month. I find it extremely painful to do anything where I need to bend my thumb and I also get a feeling of snapping every now and then. I cannot recall any major injury, which could have caused such a thing?
Ans- You probably are suffering from condition called trigger finger. Here, osteoarthritis of the interphalangeal joints result in a restriction in mobility of the fingers. Stiffness and pain are common accompanying features and conventional medicines usually treats by giving steroid injections in the affected joint. Homeopathically the medicines Symphytum 200 twice daily, usually clears up the condition in a month or two.