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21.  I am an athlete and I have a terrible problem, which has become the bane of my life. I have painful corns on the soles of my feet. They have been operated upon but recurred again two times. Please help.
Ans- This can be a very unpleasant situation for you being a athlete. The reason for formation of these are often unclear and surgically removing them leaves the cause behind and they recur. In homeopathy, the following medicine will help you: Antimonium Crudum 200, taken one dose every alternate morning for one month, then please report to your local homeopath.
22.  I am a 28 years-old man. Since childhood I am suffering from constipation alternate dysentery, flatulence, urging to stool but only little of flatus, wind trouble mainly in the lower region. Almost constant fermenting of gas going on in the abdomen. As per allopathy doctor: it is irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Can homeopathy do better? 
Ans-  The first thing to do in such a case is to try and minimize mental stress. Medical research has found that a lot of these intestinal problems stem from it. Try meditation or other methods of stress relief. Homeopathic medicines taken in the following regimen will definitely help your problems: i) Natrum Phos 30, taken two doses a day, ii) Lycopodium Clavat 200, one dose on alternate nights, will be of great benefit. I believe that there are three rules to a healthy digestion:
1.    Drink water only when thirsty.
2.    Eat only 75% of your appetite.
3.    Eat normal food, i.e. (Read 'normal' as what has been the staple food in your family for countless generations, in Indian families this usually means cooked food with spices and chillies.)
23.  I am a white complexioned 25 year old boy .my neck, armpit, elbow, groin, knee (specially joint area) is very dark. i had notised it when i was 20.i had visited a skin specialist but of no use. please suggest me homeopathy medicines.
Ans- You have not mentioned whether these patches itch or not. If they are just dark patches which do not itch, then they are likely to be melanoderma ( pigmentation) and can be treated with oral Mercurius Solubilis 200, every alternate morning. On the other hand, if they are itching and raised from the surface, they are probably fungal and may be treated by taking Antimonium Crudum 6, twice daily – orally.

25.  Dear Dr. Pratip Banerji, I have bleeding piles, which are very painful. Every morning is a horrible time for me. I have had an operation but this gave me relief only for a short time. Please help me.
Ans-  Surgery without removal of the cause of the problem often is followed by a relapse. Please eat proper food with good roughage and avoid sitting for long on the potty with your newspaper or novel. Homeopathic medicines to help you are:
i) Sulphur 200, one dose every alternate morning.
ii) Ratanhia 200, two doses daily. This medicine may also be repeated more often for the pain.
26.  Dear Sir, Last six months my daughter aged 5 years is suffering from allergic rhinitis.she is catching cold very early with nasal irritation.Allopathy medicine gives relief temporarily.Is there any homoeopathic medicine for permanent cure?
Ans- This is a problem that has become very common in young children in the last few years. It is necessary to treat this problem by improving the immunity of the child rather than as a simple cough and cold. Please give the child the following:
i) Calcarea Carbonica 1000, one dose every week. for building resistance.
ii) Allium Cepa 30, may be given as an SOS medicine if and when the child developes a cold. In this case it may be given two - three doses a day, as required. We will expect the intervals between attacks to get wider and the intensity of the attacks to diminish until the attacks stop completely. For a proper treatment please approach your local homeopath.
27.  I have a peculiar problem of having mouth ulcers repeatedly – in my inner cheeks and sometimes on my tongue. The doctors say that this is due to Vitamin deficiency and prescribe some capsules and it goes away only to return after a time. Can you help as this is very painful for me.

Ans- Mouth ulcer of your type may be due to Vitamin deficiency but are not always because you are getting less of the Vitamin in your diet. This usually happens because even though you may be getting the proper diet, your body is unable to assimilate and use the Vitamin. Also, repeated overdosage with Vitamins may  have an ultimate detrimental effect on your general health. Please take the following for two months. This will help you more permanently -  Mercurius Solubilis 200, in liquid, 2 drops two times a day.

28. I am a 30 -year-old man. I am addicted to gutkha and take atleast 6 gutkhas a day. So from time to time I suffer from toothache. Kindly help me.

Ans-  Toothache, lockjaw from submucus fibrosis and even oral cancer can be a result of chewing these substances!! The best help for you would be something to get you off the stuff!! Please make an effort to kick the habit or you may find it kicking you - - in more ways than one. For help in detox, please take Tabacum 200 twice daily for three months and see a change in your craving for the gutka. For the toothache, please take Hypericum Perforatum 200 twice daily and may take every two hours for severe toothache till relief.
29. I am a 32-year-old woman. I am suffering from asthma since last 10 years. I am feel helpless at times. Kindly help me.

Ans- Asthma is an allergic condition which can be very debili taking, painful and restrictive on quality of life. Exposure to an allergen causes the respiratory tubes in the lungs to go into spasm ie. broncho spasm. Usually this condition is handled by conventional medicine as an incurable one and the patient is made to take bronchodilators as oral or inhaled substances through out their lives. Homeopathy has a good treatment here and we can often cure this disease permanently. Please take Calcarea Carbonica 30 once daily, Ipecacuanha 30 twice daily and may take every one hour for severe breathing problem till relief. Please take the medicines for three months and consult local homeopath.
30. I am a 23-year-old man. Last week I suddenly had an epileptic attack, the reason is unknown because it never happened earlier. Kindly help me.

Ans- Sudden epileptic attacks at age 23 years, is slightly unusual and you should immediately undergo certain tests to determine the cause of it. Consult a good neurophysician in your neighborhood who will probably recommend an immediate – EEG (Electro – encephalogram) and a CT scan of the brain (with contrast). A clear report for these tests and the cause for worry will be minimized. For now, please start Lachesis 200 every alternate morning, Cuprum Metallicum 6 twice daily till reports arrive. Then consult your local homeopath for proper treatment.