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31. My son is four month old. He frequently suffers from cough and cold, Kindly advice.

Ans-  Four month olds with cough and cold can weigh very heavily on the minds and hearts of the rest of family – as most hate to see such small children suffer. Assuming that it is a common cold with nose running, sneezing and cough, please give Arsenicum Album 6 and Lycopodium Clavat 30 every three hours alternately and Ipecacuanha 30 SOS for cough.

32. I am a 28-year-old man. Eight months back, whenever I have supper I suffer from sudden increased heart rate. I am an asthma patient and also suffer from high blood pressure around 100/140.

Ans- An increase heart rate is not such an unusual symptom and unless the increase is to the extent that you get palpitations, there is nothing to worry about. For your asthma and slightly raised B.P., please take the following, which will give you a long term relief: Lachesis 200, on alternate morning one dose, Ipecacuanha 30, two doses daily and Rhus Toxicodendron 30 + Aconite Nap 200 mixed together, two doses daily.

32. I am a 29-year-old working woman. I suffer  from acute sinusitis and during winters it get really bad. Often blood comes out of my nose. Please help me.

Ans- Sinusitis becoming acute is not uncommon during the cold winter months. Infact there is not much to worry about. Beside guarding yourself from being exposed directly to the winter cold, I would suggest the following medicine. Take Sanguinaria Canadensis 200, twice daily for two months and observe.
33. I am a 27-year-old working woman. I suffer from chronic headache especially on the temple of the forehead. So I take painkillers to get quick remedy. Kindly help me.
Ans- There are various reasons for getting a chronic headache. However, taking painkiller at random is only a quick solution but not a permanent one. Infact, painkillers have a number of side effects if used regularly over a period of time. Please try Sepia 200, once in a week in the morning for three months and report to local homeopath. In case of severe headache please take Picric Acid 200 + Belladonna 3 mixed together, every 30 minutes interval till you get relief.

34. My father is a patient suffering from Paraplegia with Severe Internal Spasms and Burning Sensation down from waist line to feet since last 2.5years. he had been diagnosed for a NERVE COMPRESSION (with suspected Tuberculotic Absess) and Laminectomy was done at D1 to D5 level but in no vain. Presently he has been confined in bed with the following ailments :
## No movement at the lower part of the body with occasional spasms and continuous burning sensation
## No sensation of Urine and Bowel
## Sleep disorder
It will be very helpful for us if we get any remedial suggestion from you regarding this patient.
Pls suggest.

Ans- The condition of your father is most unfortunate given that all possible treatment by the conventional school including surgery has not improved his lot after 2½ years of suffering. For his proper treatment, it is very necessary that you should show all his reports, and him as well, to a good homeopath. His papers which are necessary should also contain the note on his surgery as well as his last C.T. Scan or MRI plates etc. a brief history of his case and the current condition along with what his immediate problems are. Please take him to a good homeopath in your area. For a stop – gap relief, please give – i) Symphytum 200, twice daily, ii) Calcarea Phosphorica 3X, twice daily and iii) Hypericum 200, SOS for relief of the pain.

35. I am a 28-year-old woman. Last week I badly hurt myself on my back but I didn't pay heed to that problem. Now I had severe pain can you please suggest me some homeo solution.
Ans-  Please take proper care of yourself and try to avoid falling down! Ladies are more prone to breaking their bones than men at any age group. This is primarily related to the different ways in which the feminine and male bodies store and use calcium. Indian ladies especially are more prone to osteoporosis and there are more risks involved with injuries and such. For your back, I hope you have had an X-Ray done to check for damage! Please take the following to clear up the pain and live a happier life - i) Rhus Toxicodendron 30, twice daily, ii) Arnica Montana 200, twice daily for three months.

36.  Dear Dr. Banerji,I have a son aged 2 years 11 months. He suffered from upper respiratory track infection before for quite a number of times. Two months back he had the same throat problem, though he had no fever as it normally happened in most of his previous cases. He was advised "Relent" and "Ventrolin" by the child specialist as mucus and froth associated along with his cough. After he recovered his voice has broken and sounds very suppressed. Despite all medicines, it continues to sound broken and suppressed though he feels no irritation in the throat or complains about it. He had no previous bronchial problems and his chest is also clear. Please help by advising us.
Ans- This sometimes happens in there very small children specially after recovering from the kind of complaints that your son had. This is probably due to the trauma inflicted by the cough on his tender vocal cords. Ideally, if this had happened to an adult, voice rest for a few days would go a long way to fixing the problem. Since this is impossible to enforce in a 3 years old, the following medicine will help him. Please give Hepar Sulph 200, twice daily for two months and observe.

37. I have a six-year-old son, who is a left-hander, has severe problem of attention deficit. His language development is less with no intellectual deficit. He daydreams continuously, which hinders his studies. He is obsessed with few games and does not mix with his peer group. He loves socializing with elders. He hates writing. But he is good with numbers. He is fidgety and does not like sitting still. Can you help me out? Name withheld.
Ans- I don’t know what sort of family structure you have at have but it seems that your son probably has not had much peer group socialization in the early part of his childhood. Putting him into group activities with often kids his age may get him to open up more towards his peers. Regarding attention deficit, it would be proper if this is noticed, to get him properly evaluated for his vision and hearing before we label him to ligue a learning problem. Homeopathy has some good medicines which can help with alteration and concentration. Please give him Hyoscyamous  Niger 6 twice daily for two months and let your local homeopath have a report.

38. I am a 35-year-old woman have bleeding two or three times a month. I also suffer from anaemia so I feel this can be one of the reasons behind it but I am not sure. Please help me.

Ans- Frequent and heavy periods can often result in low blood level i.e. Anaemia. Menstruation occurring 2 / 3 times a month signifies some hormonal problem. In such cases, it is of primary importance that both the conditions i.e. the irregular menses & the aneamia be treated together for maximum benefit to the patient. Please take China Off. 3X twice daily, Arnica Montana 3 twice daily and Sepia 200, twice in a week in the morning for three cycles.
39. I am a 45-year-old woman suffering from chronic knee-joint pain. Can you suggest me any homeo remedy?

Ans- Knee pains can be caused by anything from an old injury to osteo-athritis. While the cause can determine the prognosis i.e. end result, of the treatment relief can be granted to the patient usually in all cases. Please take Symphytum 200 twice daily, Arnica Montana 200 twice daily for two months & see the result.
40. I am a 27-year-old man but I have a shameful fact to share. Why I don't know I am losing hair in a random manner. Can you please help me out?
Ans- Hairloss at such a young age can happen due to many reasons foremost of which are – hereditary factors, change in living environment i.e. change of residence etc, hormonal problems – i.e. androgenic alopecia etc. Keep  your hair clean and shortly cropped as dirty scalp commonly attracts like etc which can further decimate the hair. Please take Ustilago 200 once daily for two months.