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41. I am a 56-year-old woman who have a peculiar sensation in my hands. Can you suggest me any homeo remedy?

Ans- By “peculiar sensation in the hands” I will assume that you mean a tingling sensation in the hands. This can happen as a pure nerve sensation and is dubbed “ Neuritis”. Sometimes, this is a purely neurological symptom i.e. arising from a primary nerve problem, sometimes this may be secondary to other problems such as diabetes etc. Please take Hypericum 200 twice daily for three months and observe.

42.    Respected Dr. Pratip Banerjee,
I am a 85 yrs old lady and suffering Osteoporosis (acute) since two years.
I am not taking any medicine since last 2 months. Last 3 months I am getting a severe problem of stool. Everyday I have to go latrine 8 to 10 times.Only two times stool is clear rest of time only mucus is coming with small quantity of blood & getting pain left side of stomac. Will you kindly advise me how to cure ?

Ans- I wonder why the medicines for your osteoporosis were stopped two months ago? Did you stop them or did the doctor in-charge of your case? Your bowel problems - with mucus and blood need proper investigation to see where the blood is coming from. It could be from the colon / rectum area or from haemorrhoids /  polyps. Proper investigation is of the essence here. Homeopathic medicines, Merc Sol 200 in liquid form taken 2 drops two times daily will help you for your stomach and China 3X liquid 5 drops two times daily would help with your general health and any resulting anaemia due to previous blood loss.

43. I have a sort of chronic pain on the hip bones/ joints; which is as old as 17 year. The pain occurs due to fast movement /lifting of some heavy weight /physical work pressure/ riding motor bike. Intially it is mild and within 4-5 hours it reaches to its peak, leading to continuous throbbing pain; which is unbearable. It aggravates while taking turn on sleeping and sometimes gives a sensation of electric shock. It affects one side at a time and shifts either to left or right hip bones. The pain does not radiate to down-ward / up-ward, but seated at one location , however shifts from point to point on the hip bone area. The centre of the pain is deep as outside pressing the muscle does not give the pain sensation. Outside application of hot water bag/ balm etc. does not give any relief. I was getting relieve after taking pain killer for 2 -3 days [Voveran-D, Zobin-D etc]. The relief was for a period of 3-4 months and again it was relapsing.
Earlier the pain killer was responding quickly; over a period of time the response from pain killer is slow. For last 1 year or so there is the pain always [but in lower scale] - which often gets aggravated with little increase in physical strain. I have taken treatment from a case a number of doctors, from allopathy, homeopathy, accupuncture, ayurved and also physiotherapy. But there is no relief from the pain. The reason for the pain being mentioned to be weakening of the base of the tendon, sclerosis of bones etc. I therefore request you to kindly suggest the course of treatment for this ailment.

Ans- You seem to have researched your illness or visited almost every doctor in town for your problem. Sometimes, I have found that a combination of two therapies ie. such as physiotherapy and homeopathy, has a greater impact than an individual approach. It would be nice to prescribe after looking through the X Rays, reports and such, but, in my experience, cases like yours are conveniently treated by - Symphytum 200, twice daily, Hypericum 200 twice daily. Please take for three months and observe.

44. Sir, I am a 23yr old boy suffering from rhinitis for the past 8yrs.I have met a homeopathic doctor last year. after the case study was done by some of his students the doctor prescribed me to take thyroidinium without even looking at the case study ,I took it but after that I started having a dry cough,but that thing has disappeared now.Should i go for allopathy?Please suggest .

Ans- In homeopathy, it is important that you should discuss your symptoms rather than only mention the name of the disease such as "Rhinitis". This is because often the prescription changes with the change in the symptoms. I will assume that rhinitis means sneezing colds with noseblocks, loss of sense of smell etc. For this, please take

-i ) Calcarea Carbonica 1000, once in a week, and

-ii ) Cepa 30, SOS for sneezing.

In homeopathy, we have excellent medicines for you and unlike the usual steroids and such sprays prescribed by the allopaths, our medicines have no side-effects.

45. I am an allopath,retired from health services.My age is 68 yrs.I am suffering from gout with serum uric acid high and using pain killer of different variety now then for more than 25 yrs.I am also taking TegretalCR20 for my neurological problem for 3 yrs. Recently i have  gone through your homeo prescription in Cal. times-Medorhinum,Ledum & Belladona.I want to know whether the above said medicines can be used without any side effects with benefit.

Ans-  Dear Dr. Nath, the medicines as mentioned by you are very well tested and a lot of cases of gout have benefitted from their usage. The Led - Bell combination helps with the pains, while the Medorrhinum helps to
lower the Uric Acid levels in the blood. We have been using these medicines for long and have yet to come across any side-effects produced by them. On a lighter view I think I can safely tell you that though I cannot guarantee a cure, I can guarantee that these medicines won't harm you. Please try them and observe the results

46. Respected doctor, I am 22 years old woman staying in Calcutta. I have been suffering from quite a few problems for some time.
1.I have tremendous dandruff in my hair and they come out in large scalps.
 2.I suffer from a foul body odour.
3.I also have growth of hair on my chest and upper lips
 Do you think that I could be suffering from some gynaecological problem?
 I would be grateful to you if you tell me what medicines I should take  to combat these problems.

Ans- The answer to your question as to what I think you may be suffering from would be that probably you have a problem related to the hormone levels in your body. Mostly when some thing like this occurs, some disturbances are reflected in the menstrual cycle and other gynaecological symptoms may be observed. For your skin, ie. Hair, scalp and body odour, please take Mezereum 200 once daily and for the hirsutism (abnormal distribution of body / facial hair), the medicines Silicea 12X twice daily and Sabal Serrulata mother tincture twice daily have been known to help in such cases. Please try the medicines for 3 months and observe.

47. I am 24 years old. I am a patient of piles for the last three  years. It always comes blood with my stool in a gap of one week and there is not any burn or pain during that period . I have been prescribed many medicines but all have gone in vain. The kind of  lifestyle and job i have, i can not aviod oily and fast foods completely. Please tell me any cure for this. I am very much depressed.

Ans- The best way to cure oneself is not by avoiding the thing that brings on a problem, rather being able to face it and not fall sick. Some changes may be required in ones lifestyle, such as avoiding carrying the newspaper or best selling novel into the loo with you!! On the other hand the factors responsible for the disease may be various and often indeterminate. The following medicines should help you to recover from your
piles problem -

i) Sulphur 200, every alternate morning,
ii) Hamamelis Virginica Mother tincture, SOS for bleeding. Please take for 3 months and
observe the results.

48. Attn to Dr. Pratip Banerjee
Sir, My wife (27) and I (36) are married for last 4 years and having a baby of 1.5 years. Our mental relationship is quite okay. But my wife is lacking of libido and she feels coition, a painful affair. She also has a problem of vaginismus and leucorrhoea since her childhood. Psychologically, sex is a taboo affair for her. As a result, she does not like to have sex and apparently we have lost our sexual life. Can we get relieved through homeopathy?

Ans- Sex is often a much avoided topic of conversation in many Indian households and proper sex education is severely lacking in many of us. Her gynaecological problems can be treated very well with the medicines Kreosote
200, twice daily. Regarding the lack of desire for intercourse, it is very difficult off hand to actually understand the reason and thus it is difficult to treat by medicines alone. The medicine Sepia 200 taken 2 time a week often helps but it will be a very good thing if you both can reach out and take the help of an experienced counselor as well. Counselling is often useful in such cases because it helps people to come to terms with their innerself and face their deepest fears and sexuality.
49. My mother(65) is a housewife. For four years suffering from left-sided paralysis which is prominent in arm and leg. while walking drags feet. Indigestion worse from acidic food. Previous history lumbago. Primary allopathic treatment. please describe some homeo medicine.

Ans- You have not specified the reason for your mothers paralysis so I will base my medicines on the assumption that she has suffered a CVA ie. Cerebro-Vascular Accident ( stroke ) 4 years ago. In such situation, the patient is usually already heavily being medicated with anti-hypertensive and other drugs. In such cases, it is not advisable to discontinue the same in a sudden manner. Alongside the allopathic medicines, the following may be given and though it is generally thought that no improvement of the paralysis can take please after 1 year of the stroke, I have found that in a good percentage of cases, we can at least bring about some improvement. Please give

i) Rhus Tox 30 + Arnica Montana 3 (together), twice daily,
ii)Lycopodium Clavat 200, every alternate morning, will help with her acidity.

50. Hi I am a regular reader of this column.I am a 26 year old male.Homeopathy helped me get rid of sinus which 3 weeks of antibiotics didn't. I am suffering from a sensitive stomach for the last 4 years.Whenever I eat outside food or certain types of foods(juices etc) my stool is little loose(1 motion but disformed).I take Lactobacil and multivitamins to help.Can homeopathy give me a permanent cure?

Ans- As I have said before in answer to another query, a strong digestion can be possible if there is normal ( ie. chillies/spices) dietary in take on a daily basis. If you do not have normal spicy and well cooked meals at home, it is down right impossible to not fall rich with outside foods. In your case please take Pulsatilla 30 twice daily and repeat if you feel unwell after eating out. I feel that an indiscriminate intake of multivitamins is not a good idea because, it reduces the capacity of the body to pick it up from the food as it should.