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51. My Mother (75) has been suffering from breast cancer for last couple of years. As she preferred not to go for allopathic treatments has been under homeopathic medicines during this period. However she is still losing weight steadily and becoming weaker and weaker the disease possibly spreading since she is getting color changing moles in other parts of the body. She had been mainly taking Carcinosin 200 single dose in distilled water regularly every week along with either Phytolocea 200 or Scirrbinum 200 alternately (also single dose in distilled water) . 

Could you please let me know your comments with advice for better treatment / remedy by homeopathy?

Ans. 11) It is sad to hear that your mother has cancer and with regards to its treatment, the following should be noted. In our practice, we have the privilege to treatment many cases of cancer. When these patients come to us, we treat them with the object of giving them relief of their suffering and improving their quality of life. Sometimes while doing so, we find that the tumour / lesion itself regresses and the patient recovers fully. But, we are as yet unable to predict which patient will benefit from our treatment and who will not, we have to try our best and see. The amount of information you can give on such a case will determine the medicines to be taken by the patient, please send us all her reports ie. copies, a history ( data wise ) of the case with information on treatment received and a list of her symptoms, on receiving that I will prescribe some medicines for her. There
will be no charge for this.

52. Sir, I have a skin problem from around 1 year. last year in june i saw some red eruption on all over my body . i consulted a skin specialist.he diagnosed disease as eruptive lichen planus.he prescribed allegra andsome lotion clonate . after one month there was a lot of relief. But  eruption left some black marks all over body.he prescribed atrax for  two months. but now my problem is that some eruption are stillthere.there is itching in that eruption.i feel very depressed due to those black marks and red eruption. i can not go to swimming pool etc. please help me and get me out of this problem.

Ans- Lichen planus is a difficult problem to deal with, both for the patient, as well as the physician. There is hard any cure of this condition by the use of external ointments which are usually topical steroids. The persistent and obstinate nature of the eruptions and marks cause a lot of agony and I can understand your state of mind. As is very well known, homeopathy has a very effective treatment for almost all skin problems.
Please try the following for 2 months & report to your local homeopath.

1)Hepar Sulph 200, every alternate morning,
2) Arsenicum Album 200 daily night and SOS for itching.

53. sir I am 59 yrs old having hemiparkinson's disease for 8 yrs.I have  tremor,stiffness on left leg,hand , bending of left little finger. kindly advise some medicine. Is cure possible? I am taking Causticum10 M, SpigelliaA200,Lathyrus30, also some allopath medicine.

Ans-  Parkinson's disease is a condition that seems to be becoming more and more common in that last decade or so. It is not convenient by treatable by any form/system of medicine and though there has been a lot of ground breaking research in the last few years, none of it has truly brought the disease under control. In homeopathic treatment, we try to control the progression of the disease first, only if we succeed in doing so does the symptoms gradually subside and you will start to feel better. Those on allopathic medicines usually find it very difficult to get off them because the condition deteriorates rapidly on doing so. In such cases we try to
taper off the allopathy under the umbrella of our medicines. Please take

1)Lachesis 200, every alternate morning,
2 ) Gelsemium 6, twice daily, and
3 )Cuprum Metallicum 6 twice daily for a month
& report to your local homeopath.

54. Dear Doctor,
I am 67 years old man. For the last 3 years I am suffering from stomach troubles. Very often the left side of the abdomen becomes heated and I feel burning sensation which spreads upto rectum. If I keep wet napkin on my stomach I feel comfortable. The stool formation is not good and there is bad smell most of the time. Sometimes after passing stool I feel so weak that I cannot stand up. There is no pain in the abdomen in any region. Problem of acidity and gas is not much. Generally I pass stool in the morning after taking tea and sometimes in the evening. Tounge is sometimes clear and sometimes with white layer. General weakness is always there and sometimes I feel black out when I get up from sitting position. My weight is only 40 kgs.I always take light food at home. I have taken various allopathic medicines which gave temporary relief. Recently I consulted Gastroentrologist. He has done Colonoscopy but nothing was found. His diagnosis is Dyspepsia/Colitis and prescibed Neoloc (for Gas & Acidity) and Digiplex T(for indigestion). But still sometime I am having the above problems. Can you please prescribe me some good medicines and give me some relief ?

Ans- The symptoms that are characteristic of your disease are very common in tropical countries like ours. Almost every 2nd or 3rd person has some complain about their digestion and at the risk of repeating an earlier column, I think it will help you if you take the following -

i) Arsenicum Album 3, twice daily,
ii)  Lycopodium Clavat 200, every alternate morning.

55. Dear Sir,  i am 55 and suffering from spondilitis. X ray shows early degenerative changes at C5, C6, L4 and L5 vertebrae.Exercise helps but often pain is severe.The right leg and hand are especially affected. I will be thankful if you advise me on this matter.

Ans-  Spondilitis can be very painful and debilitating condition - which can hamper day-to-day activities and work schedules. Exercise is a must but homeopathy has some excellent medicines to control and finally cure this
condition. Please take
i) Rhus Tox 30, twice daily,
ii)  Hypericum 200, twice daily & report.

56.I am 66 years old. I am suffering from Anosmia, Allergic Rhinitise and Bilateral Ethmodial polyps since 1999. Detail description of the  disease: The moment I get up from bed and touches water sneezing accompanied with phlegyn starts and continues generally till 10.30 a.m. Sneezing stops generally after bathing. Sometimes,on any time of  the day sneezing starts. I do not get smelling sense. I had a homeopathy treatment which made me cured for a few days. After that  the same problem started and now I have totally lost the smelling sense. No medicine is acting upon me since I have taken Cetacean tablet given by Alopathy Doctor.

Ans- Your condition "Allergic Rhinitis " affects a good number of people and because temporary acting medicines and antihistamines are bused, the suffering gets prolonged. We treat this state very effectively giving
i ) Calcarea Carbonica 1000, once in a week,
ii ) Sanguinaria Can 200, twice daily, and
iii ) Cepa 30, SOS for sneezing.
Please try this set of medicines for 2 months and I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

57. Dear Sir,  I have a son aged 2 years 11 months. He suffered from upper respiratory track infection before for quite a number of times. Two months back he had the same  throat problem, though he had no fever as it normally happened in most of his previous cases. He was advised "Relent" and "Ventrolin" by the child specialist as mucus and froth associated along with his cough. After he recovered his voice has broken and sounds very suppressed. Despite all medicines, it continues to sound broken and suppressed though he feels no irritation in the throat or complains about it. He had no previous bronchial problems and his chest is also clear. Please help
by advising us.

Ans- This sometimes happens in there very small children specially after recovering from the kind of complaints that your son had. This is probably due to the trauma inflicted by the cough on his tender vocal cords. Ideally, if this had happened to an adult, voice rest for a few days would go a long way to fixing the problem. Since this is impossible to enforce in a 3 years old, the following medicine will help him. Please give Hepar Sulph 200, twice daily for one month and observe.

58. Dear Dr Banerjee, I'm 55 years old and suffer from moderate hypertension which I try to tackle with lifestyle control, like morning walks(4 Km),predominantly vegeterian low protein diet etc. I have to take an occasional sedative and/or diuretic. I'm very reluctant to go on a regular alopathic medication, please can you suggest some homeopathic cure?

Ans- You are right to be cautions about going onto any medicine that you may need to carry on for the rest of your life. As I have said earlier in this column, it is really a shame to see the urban population of the world turning into an army of pill – poppers in the last decade or so. To bring about some stability in your pressure, please continue to live life in the healthy way that you are doing and take Rauwalfia Serpentina mother tincture 10 drops two times a day for 3 months and see the result.

59. I am 38 years old. I have benn suffering from Palmo Planter Psoriasis for the last two years on my palm and sole of the feet. There is white scratching at the sole of foot and palm. I have tried allopathy medicine and some creams on it but at the end of winter it reappeared. Please advice.

Ans-  Palunar and planter psoriasis in very effectively treated by homeopathy. This painful condition can cause a lot of grief and is usually treated by allopathic ointment and moisturizers. For treatment with homeopathic medicine, please continue to apply a moisturizer and take the following medicines for a month.
-Petroleum 200, every alternate morning,
-Arsenicum Album 200 once daily.
Thereafter please report to your local homeopath.

60. I am a 53 years old man.My nervous system has become damaged & my nerves have become very weak. I suffer from hypertension, anxiety etc.& get nervous in front of my friends & business associates. I have lost confidence & my nerves have become very weak. I have also lost control of my mind & am suffering from OCD (uncontrollable thinking & working). Please suggest any remedy for my problems.

Ans- In your case, you seem to be suffering from anxiety Neurosis with depressive disorder and back of self confidence. Whatever has caused this it is quite possible to overcome if treated properly along with a few basic changes in your lifestyle. I would advise you to start same meditation, art of having etc. The homeopathic medicines which will help you are Gelsenium 6  twice daily, Coffea Cruda 200 once daily for 3 months and report.