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71. I am a 42-year-old woman. IN the last few months, my fingertails have turned black. Dermatologist said,it is 'Candidiasis'. I am suffering from this diseases as I soak my hands in water for a long time.

Ans- Candidiasis is a fungal infestation caused the organism candida albicans.  Candidiasis can affect different parts of the body including the skin and nails, mucus membranes and other parts producing different types of lesions. In your case, the fingernails are the victims. Please take Graphites 200, twice in a week for 2 months and observe the results.

72. I am a 29-year-old woman. A small swelling has appeared on my neck recently. It's painless. PLease suggest a homeo remedy.
Ans- You have not specified the exact location of the swelling on your neck, so it could be anything from an enlarged thyroid gland ie. a goiter to enlarged lymphnodes (neck glands)!! It could also be a double chin! Please be more specific in the further.

73. I am 18. For the last three months, I have been experiencing pain in the lower right wisdom tooth. My gums also bleed whenever I brush my teeth.
74. I am a 40-year-old man. For the past couple of years,the gum line of my lower jaw has been receding.
Ans- (73 &74)  Both your questions are related to the teeth and gums so I thought it would be better to answer them together. Regarding wisdom teeth problems, there is an old saying that “wisdom is always painful” but that apart, homeopathy has some good medicines to relieve your pain and incase your molass (ie. wisdom teeth) are erupting, to make the eruption relatively painless. Please take Hypericum 200 + Arsenicum Album 200 – together twice daily. Wisdom tooth pains are often periodic so when feeling better just stop the medicines and restart again at the slightest instance of the pain recurring. You will get 2 – 3 more such episodes following which the pain should go for good. In case of cavities, you will need to consult a dentist as to whether a filling is required. If so, then as they say “A Stitch in time…..”. Treatment for receding gums mainly involves keeping good oral/dental hygienic. Bacteria have a tendency to be attracted to the crevice between the gums and teeth where food debris collect. This infection is largely responsible for making the gums recede. Sometimes the infection can cause a hard substance called “tartar” to deposit in the receded area. Homeopathic medicines can help keep the gums healthy if good oral hygienic is maintained. Take Mercurius Solubilis 200, twice daily for two months and observe.
75. I have been suffering from periodic headaches for the last one year. Recently, the frequency of headaches with nausea has increased to the extent that it has become unbearable. This is disrupting my normal life. Please suggest a remedy.
Ans- You seem to be suffering from migraines. These usually start from age of  9 or 10 years and can cause great grief for many years. The headache is preceded by an aura or “feeling that a headache is coming” and usually makes the person nauseatic ending with or without vomiting. Patients of migraines usually report that certain things bring on the attacks such as sum, heat, travel, stress, premenstrual tension etc. Homeopathy had good medicines and you should try Sepia 200, once in a week and take Picricum Acidum 200 + Belladonna 3 together every half an hour – during the attacks. The attacks will diminish in intensity and the intervals between them will gradually increase till they stop coming.

76. I am a 35-year-old man.I occasionally suffer from loose motion in the morning. I feel weak after defecation,but the feeling goes away in an hour. All my blood tests are normal except for showing a high level of uric acid. What should I do?
Ans- A high Uric Acid level in the blood is usually found in people suffering from a condition called Gout. The symptoms produced in gout are usually a severely painful redness and swelling at various parts - primarily usually at the junction of the big toe and the foot. Many items in diet may play a role in the elevation of Uric Acid in the blood such as red meat, eggs etc. Homeopathic medicines, Medorrhinum 200 every Friday and Saturday morning, and Ledum Pal 200, twice daily - often helps in lowering the levels. For your morning loose motions, please try Aloe Soc 200 one dose every morning.

77. I am 65. We have a history of ISCHAEMIC HEART disease (caused by poor blood supply tothe heart) in our family. My BP 170/90. Itake CRATIGUS Q and LACHESIS-200 but no with improve.
Ans- The medicines you have been taking are actually very good for the heart and help in maintaining good coronary blood circulation thus helping the muscles of the heart. A family his long of ischaemic heart disease should make you cautions in your habits and point you towards proper exercise, dietary habits and a healthy life style. This will help in lowering the Blood Pressure by default. Other therapies such as yoga and meditation can be explored for benefit. Rauwalfia Serpentina Q (mother tincture) once daily at bedtime is good in such cases. 

78. I am a 62-year-old person. My problem is that my hand trembles vigorously while writing and the speed of writing is very slow. I am also suffering from coronary artery disease. Kindly suggest some homeo remedy.

Ans- The condition you are suffering from is usually called writer’s cramp. It is very persistent, nerve related problem that causes a lot of grief to the sufferer. In many instances, the patient is handicapped by the fact that he is unable to write even his name, leave alone sign cheques and such. Though difficult to treat with conventional medicines, this condition is very conveniently treatable with homeopathy. Many medicines have been found useful but we commonly use the following – Gelsemium 6, twice daily, Cuprum Metallicum 6, twice daily. This may be taken alongside any cardiac medicines that you are having.

79. My son 28 get negative thoughts frequently and also his memory has become Very weak. Is there any medicine to improve memory and reduce negative thoughts?

Ans- You have not specified your son’s age so I will assume that he is probably a teenager. If so, then let me remind you, negative thoughts during this age are not unusual. Depending on the intensity of these thoughts, it should be decided as to whether they warrant the application of medicines. He should be encouraged to be more outgoing and his mind diverted by extra – curricular activities such as sports, games, reading etc. If that doesn’t work, then Phos Acid 6, twice daily may be given for two months. This will also help his memory.
80. I am 21, suffering from an appendicitis infection since last three months. My   doctor advice me for operation. Is there any homeo remedy?

Ans- According to conventional medicine, Acute Appendicitis is s surgical disease. This is because an untreated appendix may burst putting the life of the patient at risk. If you are suffering from the last three months, I wonder what medication you have been taking? Your condition may now be named as Chronic Recurrent Appendicitis and regimen of the following medicines has been known to cure in such cases:– Lycopodium Clavat 200 + Belladonna 3 together twice daily, Sulphur 200 twice in a week, Belladonna 3 in liquid form SOS for pain. In any case, please do not try to treat yourself, it would be advisable to be under the supervision of a proper doctor during the period of your treatment.