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81. I am a 21-yr-old woman with a fair skin. My underarms have become darker than my normal complexion due to excessive use of depletory creams and deodorants.
Ans- Depilatory creams and deodorants in rare cases may produce the effects such as allergic rashes or a deepening in pigmentation in applied areas. For this reason, it is always advisable to buy good quality stuff. Please take Antimonium Crudum 200 every alternate morning for a month and I am sure you will see a definite lightening of the patch. May be carried on for 2 – 3 months for a complete recovery.
82. I am a 26-yr-old schoolteacher. I am highly allergic to dust and get hay fever at least thrice a month. Can homeopathy help me?
Ans- Homeopathy is very effective in any kind of allergy including hay fever. In your profession, if you have to work with blackboards and chalk and dusty tomes, I think you must be in a very hassled situation! Since you can’t avoid any of the above, please continue your normal life ( ie. teaching ) and take Calcarea Carbonica 1000 once in the week in the morning, Arsenicum Album 6 twice daily for two months and I am sure you will feel much better. It is important not to avoid things producing allergies but rather to overcome them.
83. I am a 72-yr-old man with suffering enlargement of the prostrate. The gland measures 27.5 gm on ultrasound and after voiding; the residual urine is 240 ml. Can you recommend appropriate medication?
Ans- Even though 27.5 gms as the weight of your prostate tells us that it is in fact not too enlarged, your 240 ml. of residual urine is definitely something that requires immediate attention and proper treatment. Residual urine has a tendency to attract infections and cause a lot of suffering. Please take – i) Medorrhinum 200 every alternate morning, ii) Cantharis 200 twice daily, iii) Conium Maculatum 3 twice daily and iv) Sabal Serrulata Q (mother tincture) daily night 10 drops in water for 3 months. We have found this regimen to be highly effective in cases such as yours. This protocol not only reduces the size of the prostate but also helps in the evacuation of the bladder.
84. My 20-yr-old daughter has an itchy rash all over her face and body. The doctor says it is atopic dermatitis and will take time to settle down. Please suggest me homeopathic medicine for this?

Ans- Conventional medicine has scant treatment for atopic dermatitis except the application of steroids. These steroids though may be given in a topical ( ie. local ) application have the side-effects which are best avoided. Specially, the application of steroids on the face is definitely not a good idea. In homeopathy there are many excellent medicines for the skin and for your problem, I recommend that you take the following – Hepar Sulph 200 every alternate morning, Arsenicum Album 200 daily night & SOS for itching for 2 months and observe the effects.


85. I am 34-year-old man. My work requires me to sit on a chair for very long hours. At home, I have a habit of sitting on the bed and reading.I don't always take a backseat while reading on the bed.So when I leave the bed and stand up, I feel a shooting pain in the spine region.This stays for about five minutes and recurs when I am sitting on the bed again.
Ans- At your age, it may be a good idea to compensate for the long hours you have to sit by being a little active in your free time. Bad posture can account for your pains and a little free hand exercise would definitely benefit you. Homeopathic medicines for back pains have helped many and I suggest the following for you – i) Rhus Tox 30 twice daily, ii) Hypericum 200 twice daily. Please take for two months and observe.

86. I am a 35-year-old man. For the last one year, I have been suffering from severe knee pain. Sometimes it gets so severe that I cannot even bend my knee. After consulting a specialist, I went for medicine along with physiotherapy. But the treatment gave me only temporary relief.
Ans- I assume that you also underwent the normal tests like – X Rays, routine blood tests etc, and did not encounter a diagnosis such as torn ligament or Rheumatoid arthritis etc. Anyway, conventional medicine doesn’t have much to offer except painkillers which are not good in the long run. Homeopathically, please take – Symphytum 200 twice daily, Arnica Montana 200 twice daily for 2 months and report to your local homeopath.
87. I am a 52 year-old man having pain in my right thumb for about one month. I find it extremely painful to do anything where I need to bend my thumb and I also get a feeling of snapping every now and then. I cannot recall any major injury, which could have caused such a thing?
Ans- You probably are suffering from condition called trigger finger. Here, osteoarthritis of the interphalangeal joints result in a restriction in mobility of the fingers. Stiffness and pain are common accompanying features and conventional medicines usually treats by giving steroid injections in the affected joint. Homeopathically the medicines Symphytum 200 twice daily, usually clears up the condition in a month or two.