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(Kindly Note, the doses of the medication has been updated , as in India, Covid19 is spreading fast).

Under 'The Banerji Protocols' of Treatment, with Homeopathic medicines, for prevention of nCorV ( Novel Corona Virus / Covid 19) the best medicine is 'Thuja 30'.

The suggested dose for this medicine will be , twice daily for 7 days, then twice a week for 3 weeks.

This medicine is available at any Homeopathic Pharmacy. 

As Corona is a viral infection, and humans have no natural immunity against viruses, our approach to the treatment will be on the basis of symptoms. We have very good antiviral as well as medicines chosen according to symptoms. We are very successful in the treatment of measles, chicken pox and swine flu.

This is very similar and can be very successfully handled with our Protocols.

Please note, till date, there has not been any clinical trial of Covid 19, anywhere in the world. Thuja 30, is to be used only as a prophylactic/preventive. Treatment of a full blown case will be according to symptoms.