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Miscellaneous Casestudies


F.Y, female, aged 27 years in December 1990, was suffering for 4 years with occasional attack of headaches (since 1986). She had severe attack of headache worse on the left side on 17th Dec 1990 with swoon and hazy vision when she came to us for her treatment on 29th Dec 1990.

Clinically the Patient presented with haziness of vision, pain and weakness of the right side.

C.T. Scan of Brain dated 25.12.1990 – showed 'The most significant abnormality is the presence of a mixed attenuating (hypo and hyperdense) well circumscribed mass at supraseller and intra-seller region producing marked expansion of the sella slightly more on left side. The fairly large mass measures about 2.2 cms in AP, 3.54 cms in transverse and 3.37 cms vertically as maximum dimensions. ?Craniopharyngioma, ??Pituitary macroadenoma'.

After undergoing treatment from us with the medicines Haziness of vision improved from the first month of the commence¬ment of the treatment and vision has been completely restored now. Pain and weakness of the right arm completely recovered. She is now healthy and normal and enjoying life.

C.T. Scan of Brain dated 27th April 1992 - 'Follow up case of a fairly large intrasellar mass with predominantly suprasellar extension now showing complete disappearance of the inhomogenously enhancing mass leaving behind normal appearances of the Pituitary gland and suprasellar cistern, since the last scan done on 25th Dec 1990'.

KB, female, aged 40 years came to our clinic on 24th of May 2004 presented with severe headache with vomiting, vertigo, nausea. She has no vision in both eyes.

PP, female, aged 20 years came to our clinic on 9th of July 2012 presented with severe headache, vertigo and numbness of right side of body.

C.T. Scan of Brain dated 29th of June 2012 – showed '… a ring enhancing cystic lesion with a tiny, eccebtric, enhancing mural nodule is noted in left parieto-occipital region with surrounding white matter oedema…--- colloidal vesicular stage of Neurocysticercosis… '.

After 3 to 4 months of our medication, clinically, the patient started feeling much better and all symptoms have gone within 5-6 months.

Follow up C.T. Scan of Brain dated 25th of April 2014 - '… no obvious abnormality in visualized brain and skull…'

The patient is now living normal life without our any medication.

90 year old gentleman, Mr. SB came to our clinic on the 18th of January 2012 presented with Huge multi-nodular irregular growth like swelling with extension, covering whole of the left cheek, initially suspected malignancy of parotid swelling since last 7 years.

Picture dated 10.01.2012, 7 days before he visited our clinic.

After starting our treatment CT Scan of face done on 05.02.2012 shows "…left parotid large mass, ? malignant mass…".

He has taken our Banerji protocol of treatment and gradual improvement seen within 8 months.

Picture dated 01.09.2012
Picture dated 24.01.2013
Picture dated 25.09.2013

Ultimately he is all most completely cured with our treatment. Time to time serial photograph has been showing the improvement, how the swelling is gradually reducing. At present no swelling over the left cheek and cure, Now the patient is leading his normal daily life with smiling face and continue our medicines in reduced doses.

Latest Update (9.6.2014): We provide below a composite image of the problem before and after our medication. The last image, dated 24.01.2014, shows the patient completely cured.